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SGL 2024 Challenge 2 - DSO Sky Survey

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Some very deep images on display.  I have spent a lot of time picking out the galaxies, often helped by the annotations, and looking them up.  So many different types of galaxy and plenty over 100 million light years distant.  Mind blowing!  The judges had their own individual favourites so there was a spread which allowed me to excercise my casting vote!  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

1) Tomato - Hercules Galaxy Cluster



A very deep image with the individual galaxies being shown at their best thanks to superb processing.

2) Wimbv - Coma Galaxy Cluster


Another very deep image.  Wim points out that some of the galaxies in this image are over 2 billion light years away!

3) Geeklee - Virgo Cluster



The familiar Markarian's chain of galaxies is shown here in the wider context of the Virgo Cluster.  Lots of tiny galaxies to peer at.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  As usual there was no clear consensus amongst the judges and many other very worthy entries could easily have been on the podium.

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14 hours ago, WolfieGlos said:

Congrats all, well deserved winners and superb images as always 👏


4 hours ago, Mr Spock said:

Excellent entries. Congratulations to the winners 👍👏

Thank you.

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2 hours ago, tomato said:

Thanks for all the comments. Great to have a competition where “faint fuzzies” are centre stage.

Hear, hear!

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