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M78 Old Data Reprocessed


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I have been frustrated by cloud and my RASA optical train falling apart recently so I thought I would look at an area of processing that has not come easy to me, namely the use of layers. I reprocessed this M78 data to try and improve the overblown core of the Nebula using masked layers, it definitely works. Mind you, if folks feel uncomfortable using BXT, why don't they get equally uneasy using this methodology?

New version


Old Version


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Actually I can't get my head round masking - its a weird world of double negatives.  I'm going at it full on and all of sudden I lose the plot - no idea what the mess of layers is doing any more!


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Opacity masking is much better to do. You duplicate the layer, add the opacity mask to that layer and paint on the opacity mask area white for areas of visibility, and black areas you want to be invisible (start with a fully black fill). Where the two merge use a soft brush for a subtle transition between the two. Or you can blur the solid white for a soft edge. Do what you need to do with the colour/data portion of the layer then blend with a blend mode and/or adjust the actual layer opacity/fill level to suit. This is the PS workflow, it's similar in GIMP.

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