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Storage Solution ????

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Hi all.....Well i still havent actually managed to look through the thing yet :lol: so heres another question

......How do any of you fellow 200mm Newt guys and girls (caz) store your tubes....I was going to leave mine set up in the garden, got a good cover for it but it looks very vunerable and Im not getting to sleep at night.

Only got a tiny shed and a even smaller flat :) I can break it down and store the mount in the shed but want some sort of tube for the scope, so i can easily transport as well.....any ideas, bodges or other


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Used to keep mine in the box behind the sofa..Then the wife complained that the room had shrunk by 3 feet!!

So now I store it on end (Mirror down) In the corner of the dining room along with all the other scopes and mounts and boxes and other astro stuff!!

An observatory is on the cards, possibly end of the year....If I can get round to sorting out the shed it could go in there...security isn't an issue at my place....If you were to turn up and the dogs were out I would have to scoop up what's left. :shock:

I have a 10" Dob in the garage which belongs to Steve, I could make room and keep it in there..Secure enough and cool too.

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Great question, as its also one that would benefit me and my ' new ' scope. I have no out-side shed ( as of yet ) that is suitable for safe storage and the room I was going to use has a tumble dryer in and although well vented still has moisture in the air when this is in use. So where and how is it best to store my 150f5 when not in use ?

Is it OK to stand on end with the dust cap or is it best to lay horizontal ?

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Mirror-end down, stood vertically is fine.

There is a company (I'll track em down) that do flight cases for scopes, but they run to a couple of hundred quid.....

(Get a lace cloth and use it as an occasional table. Better than a less-than occasional scope :lol: )

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