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Vixen Green???

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Can any of you fienpeople point me toward the Green to repaint a Vixen Counterweight?
Probably doen before, but cannot find any clues at the minute.

I have a fain recolection of it being a Sage colour or the like??

TIA Alan

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I have a Vizen counterweight with some marks I would like to paint. I’ll keep an eye on this thread in case you find a suitable match, though you may want to Google “baby poop green” 😂

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, Franklin said:

Why not spray the counterweight white and then the rest of the mount and transform it into a GP2😁.

Because it would look like a dogs breakfast in my case sadly.
I also like the Vixen Green, something traditional about it really that has kerb apeal to me.

I did have a white GP2 and regret ever selling it, but story of my life in truth.

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 I painted a Vixen counterweight a couple of years ago using Sage green, possibly smoothright, but definitely a metal paint from B&Q. I still have the can but I've put it somewhere safe but can't remember where. It was the closest match I could find at the time and I'm still happy with it. You can tell the difference, but as the green motor cover is a different green anyway, I don't mind my counterweight having a slightly different green.



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