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IEXOS 100 PMC-Eight

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HI ,I have a problem with the control of the mount IEXOS 100 PMC-Eight , I connect via Wi-Fi, but the mount does not react in any way to commands from the application. And yet, when I connected the remote control from Celestron the mount starts to rotate along the  DEC axis 

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Have you updated the mount firmware to the latest version? The earlier versions had 3 modes (WiFi w/ ExploreStar app, WiFi ASCOM & Serial) and if the mount was set to the mode other than WiFi w/ ExploreStar, you wouldn't be able to control it with the app. If that's the case, you will need to connect to the mount via USB and change the mode (or better update the firmware) with the ES desktop software.

More info can be found here: https://espmc-eight.groups.io/g/MAIN/topics


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Hi I had this happen to me once. To fix it I just deleted the app from my phone then reinstalled it and everything work correctly. One thing that I have to do each time it is used is to make sure your WiFi on your phone is showing as for iexos . Hope this helps.

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