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  1. Thank you all for replying. I tried Dave`s idea and it worked thanks. There is no grove in the reticule but it does seem to be in the right place now and centered well. Warm regards Russell
  2. Hi Dave Thanks for your help mate. when the focuser part is removed I can see the cross hair I have removed this as it need to be centered anyway. When looking into the barrel I can see a metal inner tube, the tube does move in and out about a 1/4 inch would you know where the cross hair should sit. Warm regards Russ
  3. Hi To All. I am looking for a little advice here please if you would be so kind. I have bought a used but like new condition sky watcher star adventurer the full package. I do have experience using polar scopes but I haven't had a issue before regarding focus. I can get perfectly sharp focus on the reticule and Polaris but not at the same time at all. Using the light makes no difference at all because if I get Polaris sharply focused the reticule is out of focus. I have tried moving the reticule closer but still no good. I really need to center the reticule cross and the polar align but this is making it impossible As for centering I am having the same problem , just cant get both to come to focus at the same time at long or shorter distances. Any ideas please. Warm regards Russell
  4. Yes tried the battery pack and no joy, I do think your right though it may have died for no reason . I definitely used the right 6v mains supply so confused that the controller has stopped working. The person that I bought it from has very kindly offered to try to repair it. Will let you know how he gets on. Regards Russell.
  5. After putting my glasses on I could see that I hadn't use a 12v power supply after all and I had used a 6v supply so I did use the right supply, don't know if my hand controller is faulty, strange that it did work when I used the battery pack. Thanks for your answer . RUSSELL
  6. HI all, Just mistakenly plugged a 12v charger into my 6v hand controller, it doesn't light up green now. I think I have just ruined it . Sad thing is I haven't even used it yet. I know it was working when it was plugged into the battery pack. Does anyone know of a way of fixing this problem or have I killed it. Warm regards Russell
  7. Hi Just looking to buy a scope, torn between two; http://astronomia.co.uk/index.php/telescopes/altair-astro-telescopes/newtonian/alt-aa-150ds-ota.html or http://astronomia.co.uk/index.php/telescopes/sky-watcher-telescopes/reflector-telescopes/sky-watcher-explorer-150pds-ota-telescope.html Would like some help please, this is my first scope and as you can see there almost the same price. Warm Regards Russ.
  8. Hi Just looking to get my first scope, I am looking at getting some advice being a newbe I have not got much of a clue. I have done a lot of reading, and I think for the money this is what I came up with : Celestron Omni XLT 150 Newtonian Reflector, £369 with mount, Vixen VMC110L Reflector Telescope Optical Tube only, £199 I could look out for a used mount, Vixen R130Sf 5 inch Newtonian Reflector with mount £459, Altair Astro GSO 6" F9 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph tube only £399, or the Celestron Omni XLT 127 SCT Reflector Telescope with mount £475 that's s much as I would want to spend. I would like to use the scope for photography I already have canon 600d which I would like to use. What would rey help me to choose one of these or one other you could recommend would be to see some photo samples. Intend to spend some time though just enjoying this new hobby and getting to know my way round using a scope before I get into the Astrophotography side of things. It would a big help I someone could give some advice. Thanks for reading. Warm regards Russ.
  9. Hi All Still shopping around looking at scopes, I came across Bresser teleskope Messier NT-203/1000 has anyone got anything to say about it, can`t find any reviews Is this ok for photography work. Warm regards to All. Russ.
  10. Thank`s Pat great advise mate, I will look at that mount Skywatcher HEQ 5 Pro goto .All this is new to me and I am not made of money, so yes I will take my time to buy things needed. Cheers
  11. Thank you my friend I will look into that.
  12. Hi All Has anyone any feed back on the Celestron Nexstar 130slt or Celestron skymax 127 Money wise both are fine. Can anyone recommend one over the other. I am keen on photography and when I was a child I was really keen on the stars but I never did get a scope off santa!! I have a canon 650d and was hoping to combine both interests. Russ.
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