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  1. KP82

    Altair Wave Series 102EDT f/7

    Yeah, too long if you would like a portable scope. For AP there are dedicated reducers/flatteners however.
  2. KP82

    Altair Wave Series 102EDT f/7

    Focal length 715mm
  3. KP82

    Altair Wave Series 102EDT f/7

    The pictures were taken with the scope on a SW AZ5 + steel leg tripod. The steel leg tripod was necessary for the stability. If I swapped it with the original aluminium tripod that came with the AZ5 mount, the vibration would be unbearable at high power. The scope was a joy to use except that this combination is way less portable than my current grab'n'go setup consisting of Megrez 90FD + AZ Pronto + Manfrotto 055CL.
  4. A1 condition. Star tested to a strehl value of 0.965 by Altair. Very smooth 2.5" 1:10 focuser. Latest 2-section tube design, the back section can be removed for binoviewer usage. OTA weighs only 5kg, very easy on the mount. Selling as its aperture and focal length are similar, yet less portable compared to my current grab'n'go scope, WO Megrez 90FD. The package includes: - Altair Wave Series 102EDT OTA - Tube rings w/ vixen style dovetail bar - Front and rear caps - Standard finderscope base - Aluminium travel case Asking for £1,150 Collection preferred; Direct delivery within 30 miles is also available or can meet up somewhere in-between. Cash, bank transfer or PayPal. If PayPal, the buyer needs to cover the fee. I still have the original carton box, so courier delivery is possible but at buyer's own expense and risk.
  5. SW 80ED from what I've heard is very capable and is one of the best budget small ED doublets. However with its 600mm focal length and non-retractable dew shield, I'm afraid it probably wouldn't fit into a carry-on luggage.
  6. As a previous owner of a Bresser AR102XS (102/460 f/4.5) which is very similar to SW ST102, my experience was the views were mostly colour free for magnification lower than 60X. I could see colour fringing around bright objects such as the Moon, Arcturus, Vega, Capella, etc. but they were not as bad as you might expect from such a fast scope. I could view the Moon at 92X and still see the details on the surface clearly. As for wide field sweeping or bright DSOs, there were no colours at all. The only targets I would probably avoid would be Venus, Jupiter and Mars. My current travel setup is a WO Megrez 90FD on AZ Pronto + Manfrotto 055CL.
  7. KP82

    Clouded out in Hereford

    Wasted 3 hours this morning, full of clouds in Peterborough even though BBC forecast reported only minor mist.
  8. Maybe try a more hefty steel tripod in order to keep the centre of the mass closer to the ground? Your current combination is quite likely top heavy (less stable) with the lightweight carbon fibre Gitzo.
  9. There are quite a few other good 4" triplets on the market that are priced about the same as the Esprit 100. Have you had a look at them?
  10. KP82

    Need Help Deciding

    The fov of the 9x60 is the smallest among the three binos you've listed. Personally I'd go for either 8x56 for easier handhold or 11x56 for more power.
  11. It's the 1.5mm hex key. I've retrofitted my AR102XS with the same focuser gear and used the smallest one from this set https://www.diy.com/departments/carbon-steel-hex-key-keyring-pack-of-10/1801911_BQ.prd
  12. Good decision. Even if you were able to mount your 200p on an eq mount like a normal newt, it would be under-mounted on an HEQ5 Pro for imaging. Getting an EQ6 class mount would make the whole kit very cumbersome and 1200mm focal length may not be the best starting point for AP. While there are high payload:weight ratio mounts to keep the overall weight down (e.g. iEQ45, SXP2, etc.), they are more expensive than an 80ED + HEQ5 combo.

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