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  1. Have both filters been removed or just the back LPF#2?
  2. KP82

    DSLR mod

    Tried Juan at Cheapastrophotography and Andy at Astronomiser two days ago, still no response. It looks like none of the UK based mod providers is in business anymore. So apart from the expensive service offered by Baader or TS in Germany, there is nowhere to get the camera modded or buy an existing modded camera now. Bummer!
  3. KP82

    DSLR mod

    I sent an email to cheapastrophotography using the form on their website on Saturday, so far I haven't received any response. Does anyone know if they are still in business?
  4. KP82

    DSLR mod

    No worries. I've been looking at some used 450D on ebay. They are going for around £50. Maybe I could grab one and get it modded by Juan. The overall cost would be covered by selling the 40D (intact). That's good to know. I'll drop him an email to see if he's happy to replacement LPF#2 with a baader BCF for my 40D.
  5. KP82

    DSLR mod

    Thanks for the advice. But it looks like 40D (in fact none of the x0D) isn't listed in their list of models.
  6. KP82

    DSLR mod

    You could be right, but it's just that I'm worried about ruining the camera completely by doing this myself. I've done some simple mod like fitting the rowan belt to my heq5, but this filter replacement seems to be on a completely different level of difficulty according to some youtube videos (also requires quite a few tools I don't have).
  7. I've been contemplating astro modding my 40D for sometime now. There are 3 main types of mod, LPF#2 removal, Baader BCF and Clear glass full spectrum. The one I'm most interested in is the Baader BCF because it allows Ha and SII to passthrough without the need of an IR/UV cut filter. Instead of doing this myself, I've been looking for a skilled 3rd party to carry it out and have come across this person http://www.dslrastromod.co.uk/index.html. Has anyone used this service before?
  8. If these mounts are simply Skywatcher rebrands, either will be fine for your setup. It's a choice of lower cost/less weight (HEQ5) or more features/higher payload (AZEQ6). The HEQ5 could be easily upgraded to belt driven should you pick it.
  9. Thanks for the link. I've looked at the ts website but as expected they only sell spare motors for EQ6 and EQ3/5 motor upgrade kit. I'm aware that stepper motors last very long usually. But like all motors there will evetually be mechanical failures. If SW sell spares for EQ6 meaning they do expect some mounts would experience motor failure and they offer users the possibility to replace them, then I find it strange why they don't offer the same option for one of their most popular model, HEQ5.
  10. While installing the Rowan belt kit to my HEQ5 Pro this afternoon, something came across my mind. Where can I find spare stepper motors should the current ones reach EOL? I looked up on the web but could only find spare parts for EQ6 Pro. I find it strange that SW only sell spare motors for EQ6 but not HEQ5. Or do they share the same motor and I just need to use the existing mounting bracket on it?
  11. EQM35? Basically a EQ3 sized mount but its reinforced RA axis is equipped with a 180-teeth worm gear (same as EQ6) resulting in a slightly higher payload than EQ5.
  12. Many ED refractors in the range between 80mm and 130mm from TS Optics, Altair, Astro-Tech and Stellavue share the same origin (e.g. 102 f/7 doublet, 115 f/7 triplet, 125 f/7.8 doublet, etc.). The only difference you may find sometimes is the focuser. If I were to pick one of these scopes, I'd buy from Altair as they are based in UK so the shipping cost and the risk of damage during transportation would be the lowest. WO scopes are mostly made by Longpern. There have been a few models with premium optics made by LZOS (FLT123) and TEC (early production FLT110), but otherwise the optical quality is comparable to the above four rebranders. I certainly wouldn't pay extra £400 for the fancy colour paint of the WO scopes when they are new. However in the used market WO are quite competitive.
  13. For me 5 inch is the biggest I'd go for refractors and 8 inch for newt. Portability, ease of handling and quick setup are the top priorities here based on personal experience. I find that if a scope takes too much effort/time to set up and it feels awkward and uncomfortable to handle, I'll not use it as often as I'd want to.
  14. I believe they are the same scope. In fact I've seen this 125/975 OTA available from many rebranders including Altair Astro and Stellavue (US). The price difference could be due to different stock focusers chosen by the retailers. Both TS Optics and Tecnosky have opted for a 2.5" focuser whereas Altair have picked a 3.7" focuser which increases the price to £1,699.
  15. As we're talking about aftermarket focusers, may I borrow the thread for a sec and ask if anyone knows whether it is possible to replace the stock WO focuser on a Megrez 90 with a Baader Diamond Steeltrack? The M90 I've got is one of the later versions without the mounting shoe fixed onto the focuser flange.
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