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Result regarding Street lighting


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I recently sent in a request for a shield to be fitted to the streetlight over the road, just got this response from the council. Result, so if anyone else got a similar problem it's worth contacting the council.

We currently have little to no stock of shields, with no chance of obtaining more due to the street lighting lanterns now being obsolete. We are reliant on our county wide LED lantern replacement program to return shields already fitted on the network for re-use. Unfortunately I am unable to provide any idea of timescale when this may be. You may find the lanterns you have identified get replaced before a shield/s becomes available. The new lanterns are optically better with less intrusive light spill and should a problem still persist, being new, shields are readily available. Please bear with us.

Once the streetlight number is confirmed, I will however raise a job in the system to instruct our contractor to fit a shield to the light, if/when one is available.

Additionally for information, we’ve recently had our policy approved by Cabinet to implement part-night operation of streetlighting and are in the process of confirming which areas can be switched off, starting with residential and rural. It is hoped we will be able to implement this before Spring.

If you have any further queries please do let me know.

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If you're on the ground then LEDs are no better, so if the lamp is replaced I hope the manage to shield it for you or even better turn it off. 👍

On a similar note last week driving into my housing estate I noticed the LED lamps are all somewhat dimmer.

Typically we've had clouds since...

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4 hours ago, tony said:

I recently sent in a request for a shield to be fitted to the streetlight over the road,

Would you provide the text of your request; if it worked for you, it may work for us.

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