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  1. So I've been trying this method on some ha and o3 of my own using process icons made available, and I seem to be stuck at the channel combination part, I get an error "Invalid source colour space", I've gone over it loads of times and end up with the same result, anyone used this method with success? perhaps its something I done wrong but for the life of me I can't find it. Heres a link http://www.arciereceleste.it/tutorial-pixinsight/cat-tutorial-eng/70-sc-bicolor-en
  2. Outstanding Rob. You adding colour too?
  3. Heres mine from the other week, well I say week but it took me forever to capture this, 12 panels in Ha.
  4. Thanks Mike and Paul. Laser_jock, yeah right
  5. I started this back at the beginning of June and completed 2hrs per panel at the end of July, http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/250796-pelican-north-american-nebula-12-panel-mosaic-in-ha/ its taken till 11th October to complete 5hrs per panel. Its not been easy going either, issues with SGP and PHD along the way too which has been an utter pain in the rear end but that is now, I hope, all sorted. On top of that the merging wasn't exactly as good as it was with two hours per panel, and no idea why, going backwards and forwards for about 2-3 weeks until i ended up with this, which tbh I'm not 100% happy with so will no doubt end up having another go at some point. It's been a bit of a marathon this one 12 Panels Ha with the astrodon 3nm @ 5hrs per panel, merged in PI with the GMM and the rest in PS, Gear used as in sig.
  6. Soo jealous you can get that in one frame, had to do mine in 12 panels.
  7. It seems like its taken forever to get this far, the first sub was taken on June 5th and the last on July 31st, some nights only getting one or two subs before the cloud arrived aswell as work in the morning too, only now processed as I have been trying to learn the PI Gradient Merge Mosaic and my head still hurts Apart from levels and curves in PS the rest of the post processing was done in PI, namely the one used by David Ault on the Astro Imaging Channel, a really big learning curve to start with, even more of a challenge as this was such a large mosaic, but I'm really happy with the end result. I am in the process of topping up each panel to 5hrs atm too which I'm hoping will make a big difference to the final result. So, for now this is 12 panels Ha with the astrodon 3nm, 2 hrs per panel @ 1200secs, gear used in my sig. Full res version on Astrobin here http://www.astrobin.com/full/204011/0/
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