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  1. It's definitely worth a go, thanks.
  2. Not posted any images for a very long time, been busy and not really been able to spare much time to do any processing, although when the weather has been good I have been capturing. I'm getting to grips with pi slowly, the workshops that Ron and Warren did were a big help. Not sure on these myself, The Ha is 10 hours in 20min subs, I'm sure I could get more detail out but seem to be going round in circles, The SHO is 30x20 mins Ha, 16x20 mins in OIII and 16x20 mins SII, not sure on the colour combo and some RGB, and hour each of red and green and only 25 mins in blue.
  3. I like that, a belated merry xmas to youand a happy(and clear) new year.
  4. Pretty much the same here Malc, teamviewer to the pc in the kitchen or if its late and I leave it running overnight when I go to bed I use tv on the phone
  5. Jees, this is almost 7 years old, so who, going back to around this time 7 years ago still has their obsy running?
  6. So I've been trying this method on some ha and o3 of my own using process icons made available, and I seem to be stuck at the channel combination part, I get an error "Invalid source colour space", I've gone over it loads of times and end up with the same result, anyone used this method with success? perhaps its something I done wrong but for the life of me I can't find it. Heres a link http://www.arciereceleste.it/tutorial-pixinsight/cat-tutorial-eng/70-sc-bicolor-en
  7. Outstanding Rob. You adding colour too?
  8. Heres mine from the other week, well I say week but it took me forever to capture this, 12 panels in Ha.
  9. Thanks Mike and Paul. Laser_jock, yeah right
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