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Setting up new PC

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I have been imaging three years and I'm now setting up a new pc with all the software etc.


I knew the hardest part would be re the COM port for the EQMOD cable to connect to my HEQ5 mount, I recall lots of grief over it.


I have downloaded the FTDI driver but what next?


Looking at Device manager in my old - working - laptop there is no COM port mentioned in the list.

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Oooh, good question, I seem to remember a few challenges too. I think I tried just putting in com port numbers until i hit the right one. I shall look back and see what notes I made. All the best.

Didn't make any notes except for this link...

hope it helps


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If your new PC is windows based the FTDI driver is built in.  Just plug in the EQDIR cable and it should be detected and the driver installed, with a Com port assigned under device manager.  Ensure its set to 9600 baud so as to communicate correctly with the mount

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Looking at Device manager in my old - working - laptop there is no COM port mentioned in the list.

You won't see a com port unless a device that uses one is plugged in. To find the com port number if your software doesn't find it automatically, open Device Manager, right click on the com ports, and go into properties.

I used Eqmod several years ago. In those days it didn't like a com port number above 16. Windows doesn't delete unused ones, though you shouldn't have this issue with a new pc.


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Don't know how your software stack looks like, I'm a Linux guy myself, but each and every piece of software that tries to communicate with the pheriferals may have their own COM-port assignment. Look around. Try different apps. maybe Stellarium? If it works one place, it's just a matter of config.

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26 minutes ago, woldsweather said:

Theres just 1 COM port showing in Device manager - USB COM3

Presumably you mean under Ports it shows 'Communications Port (COM3)'

The cable has a chip in and when it is connected to a computer it 'should' get a COM Port assigned. There is no need for a device(mount etc) on the other end for it to register. 

If you plug the lead into your old laptop does it show up in devices? Check what port is gets set to and what driver it is using. Then check the same on the new PC.

I was a little surprised you needed to download the FTDI driver, would have thought it would work with built in Windows version. However, there is a driver bundle download on the FTDI website that will check and update to the correct one for your OS version.  Had almost the same issue with a member on cloudy nights who downloaded a driver first thinking he had to, we got him working in the end. If the above does not get you running I'll find my responses on cloudy nights for you.

Here's the CN issue resolution his later problem in the thread was not com port related.

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1 hour ago, woldsweather said:

Ahem! How do I pu this? The mount wasn't powered on

Sounds like the sort thing I do, I have recently been sorting myself out with an asiair, I can't tell how many times I  forget to turn the mount on 🤦‍♂️. Glad its sorted

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How do you think we are able to answers these issues, we had them ourselves. 🙂

When setting up a new StarAdventurer GTi the power pack I use inside for setup tests etc has a tendency to power off, if it's not detecting enough power being drawn.  So I often got the connection error as the mount was effectively turned off without me spotting it.

That's why I put was the mount switched on in the above posts.


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