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  1. I am only on to the 2nd evening of trying to control my EQM-35 PRO with EQMOD via SharpCap and Stellarium. Last night it took 10-20 seconds for the mount to respond to an instruction. Tonight it was briefly instant for about 30 seconds, now it won’t move the mount at all and occasionally stops responding when its not responding SharpCap doesn’t respond to any instructions either. EQMOD does connect to the mount OK. I am running a Windows PRO HP Laptop i3 with 16Gb RAM and a 1Tb SSD. I would very much appreciate some help.
  2. Success! Up and running on old laptop now to do the same on the laptop I will most likely be using (my wifes). They both had same COM but both set at 115200 because it was recommended on a video I watched. Haven't managed to get Stellarium controlling the mount as yet which it has been at certain points in the past.
  3. Thanks for helping Malcolm. I have the Port COM5 the only one in Device Manager showing and righ clicked and the options are Update Driver, Disable Device, Uninstall Device, Scan for Hardware Ones so could you clarify which one you refer to ?
  4. I had this working in the house and now I have set it up outside I can't connect using SharpCap 4.0 . Device Manager and EQASCOM toolbox both show COM 4. They did both show COM5 until a few minutes ago when I uninstalled COM4 on Device Manager and it came back with COM4 so I changed that in EQASCOM toolbox but still get timeout error. I'm lost as to what to try now.
  5. I am not aware of a GPS on the mount or on the laptop so wheres does GPS come in?
  6. Well what do you mean by GPS? I didn't know it was invloved.
  7. O right well I have my location in correctly so thats not the problem. I have had SharpCap and Stellarium controlling my mount on 2 different laptops indoors. I have taken it outside now I can't get a connection to the mount.
  8. I have this same problem same message. Did you sort it? I can't aee where he means re '67' ?
  9. I have seen other thread that say change the star detection but I still get it with the setting at 2%. Basically all there is in the frames is a tiny image of Jupiter and I had to lower the exposure to be able to get the bands in so that is the only object in the frames. How can I stack them?
  10. My neighbour has many years experience of using PHD and he can't get anything.
  11. Yes I'm wishing I hadn't posted that image we tried every conceivable level of gain and low exposure. Just got a fainter image of the above.
  12. I've done that these past 4/5 evenings but I've always given up and switched to Polemaster. Its not in focus and it doesnt come into focus by the normal means. There have never been any stars showing in PHD's screen but as I'm new to this I didn't realise there should be. I have wasted the whole winter 6 month period over this.
  13. PHD won't hold a star at all. No stars show on the PHD screen and SharpStar is very poor at finding stars.
  14. I have the same issue with my GPCAM guide/finder scope. It was new 6 months ago. I have never seen a really sharp image with it. Is this likely to be a collimating issue? Altair GPCAM2 130 Mono Guide Imaging EAA Camera Altair 10x60mm RACI Finder Scope Altair 72 EDF Refractor with CNC Dual Speed R&P Focuser Optical Test Report - Add 1.0x Flattener:Add Flattener, Choose Version:Deluxe CNC (Imaging) EQM-35 PRO mount
  15. I did this again last night but it stopped tracking after that.
  16. I'm not using a right angle corrected image I have the GPCAM on instead of the corrector and eyepiece.
  17. Its the Altair 10x60mm RACI Finder Scope . Ah yes the camera does rotate extremely easily. I have been caught out by misting up but I have a dewband on and regularly check. How do you get around the problem of the image rotating out of view when you try and focus?
  18. No I have never heard of the pin hole in foil method. I shall give that a go though thanks. Tonight I have the moon to focus on so I was going to start with that before it got dark then move on to a star. I wasn't guiding when I swapped out the SD card. I obnly discovered it hadnt been tracking this morning when I downloaded the lights. So no I didn't reselect tracking. I don't know if the device went to sleep because as I say I only discovered this morning it hadn't been tracking.
  19. Last night Sharpcap wouldn't work at all. A couple of star images on screen were very blurry so I decided to find a bright star and use the Bahtinov mask. Unfortunately Sirius is below trees by the time its dark so used Capella. I have grown to really hate the helical focuser on the Altair GPCAM . There werent even the expected 3 rays to centre, it was just a blurr. You turn the focusser to sharpen and the star image moves with the focusers rotation. Before you know it the star has drifted offscreen any way as the mounts not tracking at this point . Eventually my hands were so cold I had to give up on this and PA with P{olemaster. That done I did 2* alignment (when sent to the first star - Capella in the west the scope slewed towards the Plough. I manually centred Capella the went to 2nd star and Procyon was nearly centre frame. I them went to M86 and to a 30s exp. Huge trails. Mount clearly not working. I went into the synscan app and clicked on tracking and it showed the RA and DEC reading as they were changing. It had commenced tracking. After leaving it an hour taking 1min exps I came back out and swopped over the SD card to have a look how it was doing. The 1 min exp,s were fine. THis morning I have just looked at the second batch of lights after I had swopped out cards and the mount had stopped working - huge trails. Would it be expected that by replacing an SD card you have to ensure tracking is running? If there is such a thing as a guidescope with a rack and pinion focuser I'd be very tempted.
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