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  1. I think that's the laser show at Holbrook Hall near Fakenham. I saw it Monday night.
  2. We arrived on Monday, cold and windy. My astro tent broke several poles Tuesday night so was taken down. Luckily I've got some spares. We're now back home as there wasn't any chance of any astronomy and there's a chance it's more likely to be clear at home! We didn't even take the telescopes out of the motorhome garage. Tuesday night was really windy and not a weather warning in sight! Kelling Heath up to its old tricks! Let's hope the spring one goes ahead next year.
  3. We're on pitch 303 in our motorhome. Anne
  4. Have you installed the Atik core software? I used to run a 320e camera fine on Windows 10.
  5. Had you cropped and resaved the stack? You may have lost the fits header info. If so have you tried inputting the catalogue no and camera pixel size etc and looking the coordinates up first?
  6. Yes it's on. Our booking was automatically moved from this year. Unless someone locks someone down.....
  7. I've just checked, my desktop is running TPM2.0 version 1.16. It fails on the processor. My year old laptop passed. It's got TPM2.0 version 1.39. If TPM is the key issue then I should be OK on my desktop! I may upgrade it a little further down the line but at the moment it's quite nippy enough for me. It's got a SSD and ordinary hard drive so quick to load software.
  8. I'd forgotten the steam trains, I took some pictures last time.
  9. I think we're on 303, so near you. We had two or three ones with clear skies, I think I missed one of them. Mind the 2019 one was rubbish. Maybe it's global warming!
  10. I've just checked my desktop, it's failing with the processor too, i5 7400. It's got tpm switched on. I read somewhere the computer manufacturers may have something to do with it, they want us to buy new pcs. There's also some suggestion W11 may be a flop because so many people won't be able to upgrade! We're not made of money.
  11. On my main imaging laptop, one that was upgraded from W7 I found that W10 took a dislike to Ioptron Commander which is the Ascom driver for my mount. It kept quarantining in! My newer laptop wasn't bothered. There's nothing worse than setting up and then having to waste time trying to fix something that's always worked perfectly. I only upgraded to W10 because software vendors kept saying they wouldn't support W7. I think W7 was vastly better than W10. Several times the laptop has started upgrading itself outside active hours just because I turned it on before to check everything was working and it started downloading.... My husband had his laptop waste an hour imaging time waiting for it to turn on after an update! I begin to wonder who owns the laptops, me or Microsoft....
  12. We're going. It's been good for clear skies several years. Let's hope.
  13. Here's my rendition. DBE on separate channels, then combined in the Hubble palatte. Convert to non-linear. Remove violet star by inverting image and using SNCR. invert again to obtain blue/gold colour scheme. Starnet to create a starmask. Extract luminance and perform HDR on that. Saturate colour version then recombine with luminance. Morphology on Starmask image, then saturate stars a little. Use Pixelmath to add star to starless image. Slight MMT to reduce colour noise. Use star image as a mask to enable me to adjust the colours slight to strengthen the blue/gold effect. Remove mask. Crop to tidy up edges. Lovely data, I wish I could do as well.
  14. I managed to polaralign and then it was cloudy! it's bound to be cloudy this time as I've a new camera! Though I did get a week of trying it out at home last month. My first CMOS, an ASI533 for starparties.
  15. I'll be there in yellow field with a motorhome, awning and astronomy tent.
  16. That's good to know. I don't like updating things when they work fine as they are. I'll update my observatory pc first though! I do fancy multi star guiding. That'll help with our wobbly seeing. I'm on the same version of Sgpro as you.
  17. I'm being asked to update my version of PHD to the 2.6.10 version every time I open PHD2, I'm on v 2.5 and have been for several years. I'm running it through SGPro. Are there any problems I need to know about? I've got a trip to Kelling in just over a month and I my not have a chance to test it all out following the update, given the weather we normally have in Wales! I don't want to do it right now as I'm in the middle of an image using my new ASI533.
  18. A couple of days ago I had my imaging laptop which runs Window 10 insist that Ioptron Commander, the Ascom driver for my CEM60 mount had to be quarantined as it allowed access to my computer. I've been using the programme for years! And that's what it's supposed to do. it was the previous to the current one available now but as it works fine I don't intend to update it until I have to. There have been several Windows updates over the summer..... I sometimes think I don't own my computers, Microsoft do.
  19. I've got the Starwave 70EDT and I'm very happy with it. It's a lot cheaper than the WO ones and they're all made in China. Here's an image. I used a SX H694 with it to give over 2 degrees field of view.
  20. I would start with Altaircapture, I think it's easier to get to grips with and it will make sure the camera is working. It will also live stack for fainter objects. Sharpcap is more versatile and has downloadable instructions. Such as focus measurement etc. I've not used that since 3.1 though as I've moved to Firecapture for my solar imaging. Not done planetary for a long time as I do deep sky imaging mostly.
  21. Have you power going to the camera? You get black if you haven't.
  22. I watched your video this morning and then reprocessed a close up of the centre of the Heart nebula. Imaged with an elderly Atik320e in April, so not much data even though it was over 3 nights. 900s subs with a L'enhance filter. I was never particularly happy with my original processing. The Hubble style version shows much more detail. I'll be looking at some of your other videos. Thank you for putting in the time to do them.
  23. Have you tried the camera yet? I want to replace my starparty camera so I can do wider field imaging. The other option is one of the 533 chip cameras. Incidentally I'm not far from you and a member of Swansea Astronomy club.
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