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Geminids last night

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23 hours ago, scotty1 said:

Was the peak last night ,Or tonight?

The peak was forecast for 13/14, but looks like it arrived late, so last night (14/15) was the best night by the looks of it. Check out the live ZHR graph.

Could be more stragglers tonight. The Geminids have a reputation for producing a higher percentage of bright events after the peak, although that's perhaps what happened last night!

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12 hours ago, vernmid said:

UKMON capture stack

Take a look at the UKMON website. The camera is part of a citizen science project where recording of meteors is done on a national basis.

The software records each meteor track which is later analysed but one of the features is that each track is recorded on a single image i.e. they are all combined or stacked so we can see every meteor.

The camera kits are £185 and you need to add a raspberry pi to complete the setup. The cameras have to be rigidly mounted and carefully calibrated but once done its all automatic. I get a daily emailed report of the 100 brightest detections and its associated data.

I should add that you get a lot of help during the setup phase should you encounter difficulties


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Hope the domestic problems are all resolved scotty.

I do go to extremes to keep the cameras running all night. The camera/Ninja V are powered by a Numax LV22MF  12V 75Ah(C20) battery, and I have another to power the dew heater. With the long cold nights this time of year I still find I need to swap batteries round half way through, otherwise the camera gives up and shuts down!

I have yet to edit the Geminids into a clip (I think I will have to make a "highlights" clip with perhaps 5-10 of the best catches), but it was actually sporadics that stole the show on the 14/15.

The first one exploded:

The second, fragmented into at least 6 pieces - one of the best examples of fragmentation the cameras have caught so far. It's the same event that dominates Tomatobro's composite image:


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