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One from Galloway, HFG1 - work in progress


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HFG1,  PN G136.3+05.5  is a very faint large planetary nebula moving rapidly through Cassiopeia. i was inspired to try for it by some beautiful images, but most were taken in much better skies than we get, and with around 40 hours of exposure!  By the time it was (barely) clear enough in the early hours of 25th at the Star Party, I only managed 3 x 20 minute subs in Ha and 4 in OIII.  QSI 683 on Sharpstar 140.  A long way to go!  Anyway below you can see what inspired me, and what I have so far.  Probably wasting my time in this country, but the season has a long way to go and Cassiopeia is nice and high this time of year. 





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Hi Pete I think we saw the same images, B5 here and with the RC200mm and I got a big fat nothing.


Good luck with your journey on this object.




I tell a lie it is there but it is vey faint and as you say big maybe I will try with some binning and better weather conditions.

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I  posted my final result in another post later.  So here it is as well for completeness.  Lots of work including using Starnet to remove stars so I could work on the background.


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