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Fine and darker session


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Some health issues have kept me from lifting , as requested by a few fans , I’m back again !

Don’t know if anyone has noticed , but the rise in energy prices has limited stupid lights being left on at night .
Quite surprised to get the Veil , brightest part NGC 6995 from town . 

Jupiter was just superb with the moon shadow transit and the grs , how faint the southern belt appears . I used an old generic dark moon filter and closed the C6r aperture down to 100mm. Focussed and waited for the views.

Kicked around with a few planetary nebulae and some really good seeing higher up . Hopefully the glow from wasteful lighting will continue to diminish leading to 

clear Skies ! Nick. 
I keep a record of observing in a ring bound A4 notebook which may be of small interest .3834E0AF-E9BC-4988-A9AE-BFC9D332B9A9.thumb.jpeg.95cb91da7c5d8cb375da5c1a46c8e09c.jpeg

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Brilliant Nick you know why I didn't get out, I am going to check them doubles to see if I have missed any.

I started to write and keep my lists in a ring binder, I have a few written out that I have not done yet as the weather turned inclement but they are there ready.


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Nice observing Nick and nice record keeping both of you. 🙂 I have really struggled to find a format that I like for record keeping over the years. I currently maintain a spreadsheet that I have been adding to over the last three years. I don’t like having an electronic solution, but I have found it pretty useful being able to search and filter to see previous observations of an object, sometimes with different scopes, and also being able to link to my SGL reports. If one thing, it has proved how fickle my memory is when recalling previous observations! 

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Interesting account and your familiar observational record keeping, which is good to share on here.

I too had noticed, based on last night, that the sky is a little darker, more stars certainly, the Pleiades more pronounced both naked eye and through the eyepiece. I even considered taking a SQM reading, had it been to hand, not something I have ever considered before from home. We had had rain which washed clean the sky somewhat followed by cold conditions and prolonged clear skies, but even so, DSO's that would not normally be considered from the back yard, could had been tantalizingly possible, had my attention not been almost exclusively on Jupiter.  

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