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The Crescent and the Soap Bubble

peter shah

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The Crescent and the Soap Bubble in Cygnus. I imaged this one in RGB H-alpha and Oxygen III remotely from Spain with the AG14 Newtonian and the FLI Kepler 4040 CMOS. Exposure times were 60s x 60 each in RGB, 180s x 120 in Ha, 227 x 180s in OIII,  giving a total integration time of just over 21 hours. Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop.

I love the faint wisps of OIII around 34 Cyg near the bottom of the frame.

Thanks for looking

Peter Shah😃



Cresent and the Soap bubble composite NR.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Mark at Beaufort said:

Although I have seen the Crescent Neb I have never heard of the Soap Bubble although I have picked it up in the map D1 of the Interstellarum atlas. Really brilliant photo - well done.

Thank you Mark, ...It was only discovered a few years back.....I remember the rumbles in the community at the time...I finally got around to imaging it. Its extremely faint and mostly visible in OIII.

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14 minutes ago, Spitfire said:

Lovely clear soap bubble.🤗

What bandwidth are the narrowband filters you are using?


Thanks you Geoff....these are both 6nm Astronomiks

8 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

Amazing, this soap bubble defies laws of nebulae I have seen before in a sense that it is too perfectly circular.

Thank you...I Agree its a very strange looking thing

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2 hours ago, Roy Foreman said:

Very nice. Love the colours.

Thank you Roy....I tried to keep it as natural as possible as narrow band can do strange things to RGB

1 hour ago, Dan_Paris said:

Excellent picture Peter. The soap bubble in particular stands out very nicely.

Thank you

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