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Hi all, how's it going?  I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my question.  If it isn't, my apologies.  Could a moderator move it to the correct one?


I have an older blue livery Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 that I bought off Marktplaat, (a Dutch/Belgian online trading site) for a steal.  The scope works well. I wanted to go a step further and make it work fantastically.  I decided to flock the tube and give it a good servicing and cleaning.  The primary mirror had so much dust and grime on it, I was considering planting potatoes in it.  The secondary mirror just needed a few puffs of air.  There was a really annoying red fibre stuck on the back of the meniscus lens. This was causing a huge dust bunny in my Lunar images.  The scope definitely needed cleaning.

With the help of a plumber's strap wrench, I managed to remove the meniscus lens cell and primary mirror cell.  Thanks to Baader Wonder cleaning fluid, a Baader Optical Wonder Cloth, a gazillion Kleenex tissues, a good rocket blower and a quality camel hair brush, the cleaning and flocking went really smoothly.  Here's the part that went wrong.  There's a rubber O-ring that sits between the primary mirror cell and the telescope tube  The one on my Mak had started to perish and was getting sticky.  The inevitable happened - it broke!  I've jerry rigged it the best I can.  It'll work.  The Mak will definitely need collimating; however, that's no big deal.  Trying to find a new O-ring, is like searching for chicken's teeth. 🙄 Does anyone know where I can find a replacement O-ring?  Many thanks for the help, it's much appreciated.  Clear Skies! 🔭😀

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