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Found 19 results

  1. anyone owned Skywatcher Skymax 90? can give me some reviews or problem with this scope?
  2. Skywatcher skymax 90mm mak or Skywatcher evostar 90mm. which one is better for planetary?
  3. I knew from the start, that my Mak (which is new) was a bit out of collimation, I also knew that alhough they hold collimation very well, they can be a pain to collimate. With this in mind I scoured the net for articles and videos before attempting it rather than ending up having a major wobbler when messing it up lol. The key was to understand the push/pull system by which the spider is moved, and very small turns of the screws while adjusting them in sequence with each other. I am happy to say that after 30 minutes, and thanks to Arcturus and a high power eyepiece, I have come as close to perfect as I will get and I am more than happy with that. I took a cell phone shot, I wish it was as sharp and defined as the rings were visually but regardless, it was rewarding. Both inside and outside focus was the same which is great, after snuggling up the locking screws, I won’t be messing with them anymore unless I drop it.
  4. Hello all, firstly, thanks in advance for any help that comes my way. I am buying my first telescope and after a lot of research I have come to the conclusion that I am mostly interested in planetary observation. It seems to me that I might need a scope that is out of my budget/ portability preferences to see anything worth while that is more deep space. Also I simply love seeing Jupiter and Saturn (and hopefully some of their moons!) I live in a city in Germany, I have a top floor balcony that might be a serviceable location but as you can imagine there is a good amount of light pollution so being able to easily transport my scope somewhere darker would be important. I also dont own a car here so whatever I get I would have to be able to cycle with/ maybe get a tram. With this in mind, though I think Newtonians are a bit cooler, I think a SCT or Maksutov would work well. However I have found that SCT's, mostly made my Celestron are a bit too expensive and honesty Im not interested in GoTo mounts or computerized versions, I think for me personally it kills the fun of the hunt. This leaves me with Maksutovs. I have narrowed my search down to a Bresser telescope It is a Bresser Maksutov Telescope MC 100/1400 EQ-3 Aperture: 100mm Focal Length: 1400 F/Ratio: 14 €270 However I am somewhat tempted to get the next one up. a Bresser Maksutov telescope MC 127/1900 Messier EXOS-1 Aperture: 127mm Focal Length: 1900 F/Ratio: 15 €517 I know there are others, I have definitely considered the skywatcher 102 and 127 maks but they are a good 80-100 more Euros and come with a few less accessories and a poorer mount. 102 comes with only an EQ2. The extra 27mm of aperture does appeal to me, but it is twice the price, is it even close to twice as good? I would also be more reluctant to buy any extra eyepieces or Barlow lenses just yet with the pricier option, but obviously I want to get a scope that will keep me happy for a few years. What do you folks think? Many thanks again, Ed
  5. Hello all! today i had a very brief moment outside with my 150 Mak before the clouds rolled in, between the time i put it out under clear skies and the two hours i gave it to equalize the clouds had rolled in but with some breaks here and there. so during a short break in clouds i picked the brightest star and quickly checked collimation with my 14mm eyepiece, my question is if i should bother to adjust collimation because while im getting a beautifully symmetrical disc with sharp rings on one end of focus, on the other end im getting a disc thats not so symmetrical with a bit of doppler effect going on where concentric rings are compressed a bit more on one end, dealt with this before on my big dob but not sure to what degree it will affect performance in my mak. I remember some saying here that Mak's don't ever need collimation and hold collimation short of a hammer blow to the tube, should bother opening the pandora's box that collimating can be in worst cases? (star was dead centre in FOV of course) Thanks everyone!!
  6. Hi, i'm looking to by the 127 Mak next year for Moon photos, i awtched a short review of the scope and the guy briefly mentioned that AZ mounts may not be the best for astrophotography. He didn't go into it at all, what are the reasons for that? I've not even held a proper mount so only have a vague idea how they rotate. Happy new year
  7. Is there an adapter which goes from a Mak visual back (SW 150 Mak) to T2 to allow an EOS DSLR with an "EOS to T2 ring" to attach directly, or is it best to get a Mak to 2" adapter (which we have) and just get a 2" nose piece for the EOS ring? I want to keep it all 2" and not 1.25". James
  8. After upgrading to a C8 SCT, I have for sale my Celestron Nexstar 4SE Maksutov OTA. This is a cracking scope, which punches well above its size. Used this on my Goto mounts for the last 6 months and given me great views through it. Please note that this is originally intended for the Celestron SE Goto mounts, which have fixed dovetails attached on the left side of the tube on the scope. However, before I sourced an actual SE Goto mount I used to use it on my Skywatcher Stardiscover Goto mount with no issues at all by replacing the fixed dovetail on the scope with some tube rings with a dovetail so it could be fixed on the right hand side for that particular mount. This also has a fixed visual back, with a flip mirror with access to fit a camera, or other EP in the lower position if needed. Optics are in excellent condition, as is the tube itself (see images below) I am looking for £100 for the OTA only with the Astrozap dew shield. If required I can also supply the tube rings and small dovetail to allow it to fit on other mounts OK via the right hand side of the tube. This would be an extra £12 for the rings and the dovetail. If you need the tube rings fitted before I send it off let me know. I will of course also supply the original dovetail that came fixed originally to the OTA also. Can be collected in person, or willing to meet up perhaps (PM me to discuss), or willing to post via Parcel Force Express 48 for an additional cost of postage for £19.28. Payment via PayPal (friends and family no extra charge, but add 3.5% for payed for services), direct bank transfer, or if collecting/meet up it can be cash on collection. Pictures below. Any questions please ask. Gus Note: finderscope and mounts are shown for reference only and are not included in the sale. Fixed on a Celestron 6/8 SE Goto mount below; Withdrawn from sale Fixed on a Skywatcher Stardiscover Goto mount below; Tube rings and dovetail extra for £12 below;
  9. From the album: Planets

  10. HEY its about time eh!!!! my first astrophoto with a dedicated cam using all the bells and whistles like iCap and Registax. Programs that are still alien mumbo jumbo to me, but after eating a whole bunch of youtube videos and a bunch more trial and error, I finally pumped out this abomination, or so it must seem to you Pro's lol I had a very vague idea of how to set up proper parameters in iCap for lunar imaging but I tried several settings and used youtube also, regarding wavelets, I basically dragged sliders all over the place and watched changes occur. There is much to learn about post work in iCap, but i'll give it the old college try lol, my sole reason for posting is for feedback, this is where you Pro's shine, oh do I need feedback. Anyway, it is my first astrophoto so no matter how much better it can be, well, it will do for now and I say that with a bit of swag because hey! at least I see craters there lol. Exposure time.....no clue! Number of frames....a whole bunch Attempts.....way too many! Wavelet values.....all over the place De noising....didn't work at all I think Codec...Y800 Resolution...12 something by ??? forgot The conditions were horrid, a mak is not an imaging scope as I have learned the hard way, F1800 not good, I will definitely be looking at a much shorter FL scope, Far too tight an image, I would need a 50 shot mosaic for full moon, or a focal reducer which I'm not sure anyone makes for my Mak.
  11. Hello, i have recently purchased a Skywatcher 150 Mak Cassegrain, i have no experience with this design, my intent is mainly visual planetary/lunar mostly, i will be swapping between my Lunt and the skywatcher on my grand polaris mount which is beefy and rock solid, should be no problem holding the 150. i was wondering if i can pic the brains of those who have experience with Mak's, any suggestions on accessories which are a must have? eyepiece specifications which may suit it best since it does offer a narrow FOV? I'm aware that a dew shield is a must. fire away and tell me what you believe should be partnered with that scope, id love to hear it thanks!!
  12. Hello guys as you see i am new in the forums and im starting my stargazing adventure.I want to use my telescope as an astronomical and a terrestrial telescope so preferably a mak or a refractor.My budget is 450 dollars for both telescope and tripod. I already found one good telescope http://skywatcher.com/product/bk-1206az3/ Its the skywatcher 120/600. Let me know if you have any other telescopes.Thank you
  13. Finally i have had some time tonight, under a clear sky, to point my new SW Mak 150 which i bought in December at the beautiful waxing crescent moon in the western sky outside my backyard porch. i had no idea what to expect, having never even looked through a mak before, i set the scope out early and left it to equalize while i had dinner and some television, 3 hours later i realized i had put the scope out and bolted out lol. I inserted my 24mm X cell LX reasoning that with the inherent narrow FOV of this scope i better use a 24 right off the bat, well it was just enough to squeeze the moon into the FOV entirely, and what a grand view it was, i really was blown away!. First off i was struck by the beautiful contrast, the razor sharp limb against the inky black sky was fantastic, second was earthshine, beautiful looking and striking against the darker backdrop, craters speckled up and down the terminator with mare's and mountain ranges beautifully contrasted and razor sharp. Seeing conditions were very good, with minimal atmospheric distortion, i was able to push magnification up to 250 while maintaining image quality with minimal loss, i can honestly say that this Mak has provided me with a view of the moon i haven't seen since looking through a Televue Frac at a star party years ago. I can't wait to give Jupiter a go later tonight if the clouds don't roll in as expected since rain is in the forecast for the morning, but i don't mind anyway, i have waited since December for both weather and time to finally use my new scope, i can wait for jupiter. Tonight, i felt as though i rediscovered the moon, such was the absolutely beautiful view through this scope which is new to me, i will be looking at some eyepieces with a bit longer FL to give me a bit more FOV around the moon, maybe a 30mm would do the trick.
  14. For sale opticstar maksutov cassegrain F12.5. F 1900mm long focal length telescope, great condition throughout, except the attached dovetail bar which has the usual marks (see pics). Also comes with a decent finderscope and end caps and home made dew cap. Great visual scope. Selling due to upgrade and fund a larger scope. Price £220, collection only, unless someones prepaired to take the risk and pay extra for the delivery.
  15. Hi I have an Intes Alter M500. I bought this telescope, as I wanted something fairly light and portable, which could still gather a respectable amount of light, and have starfields without coma or other astigmatisms. However the scope have turned out to be somewhat of a pain to collimate, and I'm starting to get rather frustrated over it. Unlike the Skywatchers Maks, the scope can be adjusted both front and rear. Front is the small mirror, which can be adjusted separately from the front-correcter plate (which is fixed). Similar to the Celestron schmidt-cassegrains. The rear adjusts the whole cell containing mirror, sct thread, and inner baffel tube. Getting these two to play along nicely with each other is quite a challenge. I've tried collimating it with the TS concentor (I emailed TS and asked if it could be used, and they thought it could), and thought I had it nailed today, but a star test this evening proved me utterly wrong. It should be mentioned that collimating this scope in the dark is a bit of trial, as it requires three tools, a flat screwdriver, a philips screwdriver, and a 2 mm hex key - the latter being very small, so I would really like something which will work in daylight. I have read through several collimation guides for newtons and schmidt-cassegrains, but have not really been able to transfer it over to the Intes. Does anyone have any tips or guides to how to collimate such a beast? On a side note, the rings that come when defocussing a star are just beutiful and so sharply defined. But I cannot get them be round .
  16. Hi everybody! My family want to go to Australia in the next couple of years, and I really want to take advantage of this opportunity to see the southern sky, and I want to take a scope. However, I can't possibly take my 150p, it's much too heavy, so I'll need another scope. I've been thinking about the SkyWatcher Skymax 127 goto, for several reasons: 1. It's light (approx 11kg) 2. It's compact 3. It would make a good secondary scope in the future, because it's good for planets, and nearly as large as my 150p in aperture But I've been wondering, is 11kg too heavy? I mean, it will be a 3 week holiday, so there will be a lot of clothes to take up weight. And if it is, what could I take that's lighter? Thanks for reading David
  17. Its about time!! i made the 3hr round trip to my scope shop (after a tough days work) but all well worth it, i could not wait till the weekend when i'd have plenty of time to go early and avoid rush hour traffic, be well rested and awake, that makes no sense at all lol. I was far too giddy to wait for the weekend, anyway she's here and she's beautiful!, i will no doubt be tossing that horrible 28mm eyepiece it comes with and replacing the finder scope with a spare telrad i have. Now i just need a clear night and a couple of hours for equilibrium and we'll see what this little gem can do! it sure feels and looks like a quality piece of gear i must say, that beautiful corrector just screams "i mean business".
  18. Well, I have captured Saturn for the first time and it’s a rush, but unfortunately, the universe conspired against me tonight. The full moon was about 40 degrees away, it was hazy making stars look like they were boiling, and squadrons of mosquitoes attacked with Kamikaze like zeal!. I slapped myself silly but they eventually ran me out of my backyard, cursing all the way inside. Hopefully next time seeing will be better and I’ll spray myself with repellent, and boy do i need to get my focus correct, i need a mask.
  19. It's been quite a while since I tried solar imaging, so this morning I decided to give it a go. Pulled out my little 90mm SW mak with Baader AstroSolar Safety Film and my trusty Sony SLT A77. Stacked 90 frames, dabbled a bit with wavelets and did the final processing in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 where I added some false colour as well to make it look "better". Oh, the scope and camera was mounted on my Benro A4570T tripod/(TS) Triton geared AZ head.
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