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Powering an ASIAIR Plus and all the rest of it.

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Ok so simple question. I have a ASIAIR plus, 183mc pro, 224mc, AZ GTi mount that I need to power.

According to the specs the cameras both need around 0.3a each (at 5V), cooling 3a, AZGti 0.75a and the AAPlus is indeterminate but given the the four known requirements then running the whole setup from one power source would be pushing it.

I have a celestron powertank lithium pro which is what I want to use out in the field. It has two power output points, one 5.5 tip positive port and one cigar lighter type socket. 

Can anyone see a problem powering up the AAPlus, both cameras & mount  with the power tank 5.5 port and then running the cooling from the additional cigar power socket on the AAPlus.

TIA all



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You should be able to run the ASIAir from the 12v cigar socket and then run the AZ Gti and the cooling for the 183MC Pro from the ASIAir power ports.

The 183MC & 224MC should be fine running off the USB ports on the ASIAir.

This means there's only 1x power cable from the tank to the mount and shorter cables on the mount, so less chance of snagging. Also, the cooling on the 183MC won't be running at 3a all the time, maybe just until it gets down to the set temperature, then it will idle until it needs a wee boost for adjustment. ;)

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On a very similar vain to the above replies, even though I use 12v mains power with my asiair pro, I power my az gti mount, zwo asi294mc pro imaging camera and zwo asi120mc-s guidecam (though it's only USB) from it, so yours portable 12v power supply should work. 👍

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13 hours ago, Elp said:

I've got a lower power lithium LT which powers pretty much exactly the same as yours fine via the 12v out only, everything else runs from the asiair (pro).

Steve,  same here but using a 12V 16Ah LiFePO4 Tracer battery. ASI071MCP, ASI462MC and GTi all powered through the Airpro, powered by the battery.  Works a treat for my needs.  

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