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Hey guys, I’m still new to the UK, although I’ve been in astronomy for a while. I made use of the clear weather, and yesterday drove to exmoor. I was near knaplock. I have a obsession 15UC. I was a little disappointed that the skies seemed to my eyes to be a bortle 5 or 6. 

My fav object, M51 showed only faint structure. 
has anyone else been to exmoor? Is this a normal experience?

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Most of England & Wales have been sitting under a near-still "cloud" of pollution/haze for a week or so, so I'd say it's likely to be atypical. I've certainly noticed poor transparency even in light-polluted Midlands. Scotland seems to have fared better though (no consolidation).

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I live over the way in Torquay and the night sky is albeit it clear, but there is an element of haze/pollution around, couple that with a neighbour who has installed a new garden light life is not perfect at this moment.



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Exmoor can be stunning when the skies are transparent. I’ve never had a scope up there but have been on a very clear night and just with the naked eye it was amazing.

As others have said, the transparency is poor currently, I was struggling to see galaxies even in a 16” scope the other night. Hopefully the cooler weather and some rain will wash the skies clean and transparency will improve.

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I'm so pleased to read this. I thought it was just me being more incompetent than normal... 

Weather forecast in East Sussex is not conducive to any sort of viewing this week which is disappointing as I have a week off work.... 

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