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  1. Back in January it apparently has travelled 2,500 million miles towards us, so I should get a better image next time I try ..... lol
  2. I use a canon 80D and stack the Raw files in DSS .. then save as FTS file ... run that file through StarTools .. plenty of vids on utube.
  3. Says total cloud cover 100% ... just been outside and it's dead clear. .
  4. Thanks for your reply almcl , you must be close to me, I live half a mile from Madeley Court.
  5. I have a 150-600mm zoom lens on my Canon Dslr, my question is do I fit the mask on with the lens hood in place or just onto the end of the lens, or does it even matter??
  6. Adam1234 can I ask what was your exposure time (shutter speed) and iso please?
  7. Bulb will be the exposure time .... aperture will be set on your camera .. e.g f5.6 ... f8 ... etc. .. oh I may be wrong as you are not using a lens are you.
  8. Can you tell us your camera settings ...
  9. Hi Bob and welcome from another Dslr/Lens astro photographer, and not far from you in Shropshire. I'm also a Mach Loop visitor. Paul Lewis Photography - HOME (weebly.com)
  10. Thank you AstroMuni I will give that link a look.
  11. But I don't have a scope, just a Dslr and 500mm lens.
  12. Thank you for the reply, I will take a look at that link.
  13. Skywatcher AZ-GTi and wedge ..... running SynScan Pro to guide it. Now this is what I was thinking, may be wrong ?!. Put Polaris in centre of live view, then using the PolarisView position in above App image as an example .... adjust the mount so that the star would move left and down a touch ( approx the diam of the full moon) and the true celestial pole would now be in the centre where my imaginary red cross would be.
  14. Sorry I need to explain a little futher. I dont have a polar scope, just a Dslr and lens. This is the view from the App, stating View as in Polar finder scope. .. So is this the way I would position it in my camera (live screen) or is this the inverted view. TIA
  15. Probably a daft question ... I have Polaris View on my phone and am unsure about how to read what it is telling me ... It states "View as in Polar Finder scope" so is this upside down to me eyes view or does a Finder scope show it the correct way up?? Thanks in Advance.
  16. Very impressive ..... was the original image cropped much?
  17. Thanks for your reply No scope ... Just my Canon 80D Slr camera and Sigma 150-600mm zoom lens set at 500mm, but on a cropped body camera that gave me equivalent focal length of 800mm.
  18. Still quite new to all this astro stuff, found the conditions quite a challenge last night. Moon close by and poor light poloution. 160 X 25 second images Iso 400, f 6.3 @ 500mm Canon 80D AZ-GTI in Eq mode Stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop. Your CC very welcome.
  19. I use a 1mw laser for polar alignment but only switch it on when I'm close to polaris ....... but I check the skies before I switch it on and listen out for any aircraft or helicopters . It's only on for a couple of seconds.
  20. Yep you got to be pleased with that one ... nicely done.
  21. shropshire lad


    Hello Dave and welcome to the forum
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