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Surprising find on Amazon : M48 extenders

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As a prime member of Amazon, I always go there by default.

Well I was struggling to find M48 extension tubes to give me loads of options and surprise surprise, these from Amazon arrived and they are excellent.

Took a punt as the title says M48 and the description says T2, but with zero shipping costs and easy return, I took the punt.

They arrived today and are absolutely perfect.


And a hell of a lot less than I could find elsewhere.

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35 minutes ago, michael8554 said:

The clue's in the description:


0.75 being the spec of M42 and M48 extenders.

Back in the days of film cameras there were many lenses with M42 x 1 threads,  which often caused mating problems.

Strictly speaking M42x0.75 is T2,  M48 isn't T2.


The title says M48 x0.75 but the descriptions talk about T2 hence the punt knowing if they turned out to be T2 due to cut and paste by the seller I could send them back under Amazon

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Just ordered them.

Thanks for the tip and review - "T2" would also have worried me a bit!

PS. When I logged in it said 4 left in stock, and after I ordered them it still says 4 left in stock.....

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Got mine a few days ago.  It was literally shipped from China to the seller who then slapped a USPS label over the Chinese one.  Regardless, all of the M48 rings appear to be of excellent quality.  Now I can fine tune my CC and field flattener spacings.

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