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Walking on the Moon

Plato and alpine valley mosaic


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Lovely clear night last night, the first for months for me. The worst seeing I can ever remember. Even the stars up at the zenith were twinkling in the jet stream. Horrible. Managed this 6 shot mosaic of the plato area. 2000 frames per frame with a DMK and a 10" LX200ACF at F10. I used an IR pass filter which certainly seems to help a little compared with a plain luminence. Still at the bottom of the learning curve but impressed with the DMK.


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Do you fancy going to f20 now?


Definitely Ed, would like to get those craterlets in plato but things were boiling up so badly there really didn't seem much point. I've got x2 and x3 barlows and if I put the filter between barlow and camera I can go up some more. Will wait for better seeing though.

I used an Astronomic IR pass filter which certainly stabilised things a little compared with a plain luminence.

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