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Like being on Mastermind

Dark Vader

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This is the main source of my lack of dark adaptation. Generally comes on at least 6 or 7 times before midnight.  His mate over the road had one for Christmas so there's now 3 of the things, a constantly lit conservatory and garden, and 2 trees in my Southerly view. I think a friendly word may be in order. 

I thought about doing some Shadow puppetry for a giggle but needed a hand to hold my phone camera... that could be a future SGL challenge - insecurity light shadow puppetry.


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I feel for you, this was before the street LED was shielded by the council:


Now it just next door but one with their PIR LED flood light coming on when they let their yappy handbag dogs out for a pee. Dogs can see in the dark! The tarp light shield hoisted up the fence mitigates the worst of it. I should bill them for the materials hah.


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6 minutes ago, Dark Vader said:

Gonna have to get busy with the blackout material... 😄

My light shield is the most amateurish piece of diy in existence but works. A big tarp & two metal broom handles off Ebay held together with duck tape. Each end the broom handles slip into plumping pipe rings screwed into the fence panels with a nail offset each end to keep it taught. If the neighbour's lights are not too high maybe give something like that a try?


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3 hours ago, Dark Vader said:

Managed one last night. What do we think, Rabbit, Llama, Gert Big Snail with a pint, or just an opinion on security lighting? 😂

I thought you were going for Wnston Churchill 😀

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