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Sol Ha 22 Nov - powermate or no power mate?


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The sun has been lovely the last few days & I have managed to get some data that I will process & post.

On one of the mornings, I had enough time to try w and w/o a 2.5x PM.  Which ones are better?

The kit is TV76 w SF50 (ie effectively f9.6) w ASI290MM (2.9um pixel size).  So w/o PM that's a ratio of about 3.3.  With the PM that rises to 8.3.  I think the ideal ratio is mean to be about 4-5x right?  So would it be better to not use a PM and just use ROI?

I think the w/o PM images are better (& file sizes a lot smaller for some strange reason)?



No PM:1520135116_Sun_114424_l3_P25_ap223_imppg(211123)_nopm_gimp.png.bdcf530f7ccf176986b30f5e550aba74.png




No PM: 



PM: Sun_120334_l4_P5_ap1763_imppg(211122t2)_gimp.thumb.png.aa1b88cf72cd44730690f82b69fc108e.png

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Thanks @Highburymark - yes v happy w the SF50.  I actually dread to think what a DS version would show.

You're right about the last image being soft - if I remember correctly, I was wary of doing too much in ImPPG.  I think I still have the original footage so I may see if something more can be done with it, or if that's just the original footage limiting it.

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Very nice. I don't know about ratios but I prefer the powermate shots. I used to prefer keeping image sizes smaller and sharper before, but since moving to a larger monitor, I think I prefer the larger images, even if they aren't as sharp.

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