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Fainter doubles

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Having seen β 137 in Lyra last night, it occurred to me there are so many doubles just beyond the likes of Cambridge and Haas. I only picked this one up because I was looking for something else in CdC and noticed ES 2026, Ho 89, β 137 and Ho 90 all in a row just above δ. The other three had secondaries too faint for the 102mm but within reach of the 250mm.

I've brought up Lyra in CdC and around the main square there's around 30+ doubles too faint for those catalogues but well within the reach of a 250mm. If I get a chance at Lyra again this year I'm going to put together a chart from CdC and see what I can get.

It all adds a bit of interest.

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Bearing in mind the number of stars that are actually multiples (50% has been quoted) I think this is a really worthwhile project - mapping a small area like Lyra and listing the visible doubles for your scope/eye combination.


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