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Sky Watcher Eq6r Pro Motherboard Repair


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Hi friends.I bought it 11 months ago.My motherboard burned down as a result of a short circuit when I pulled it out in the summer.2.I bought a motherboard.Last night, when I thought about the power of my battery, there was a very loud noise and my motherboard burned down.Battery 12 volts 80 amps.As equipment, Rebel Air pro,zwo 1600mm pro,zwo rebel 290mc, Zwo Oag and EAF are used simultaneously.Is there a place outside of America where I can fix it(because of the distance)?I live in Turkey.I can't get here.Because there is no fault scheme.I want to get done in a short time.Thank you


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Hello, Tayfun!

Have you repaired your mount?

I also have burnt my motherboard, but another way. By accident I pushed a ucb plug in hand controllers socket and burnet component L5.

Maybe you have any possibility to measure that components value?!

Thanks already, buddy!

Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 00.58.29.png

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It's an inductor, but as to its exact value, unless someone can measure it, or locate any markings then its going to be pot luck.  Some PCB designers used them as a fuse so should something get shorted (as per the above post) they blow, hopefully quick enough to save other expensive components.  You could simply try bridging L5 with a short length of wire, but without knowing how you damaged your board this fix could result in damage to the main processor.

Replacement inductors / Ferrite beads can be obtained form any electrical component supplier such as RS Components, Digikey, Farnells, or Rapid Electronics.

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