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Some Geminids

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Very interesting to see what others are capturing. Here is my heat map for December so far:




And a few captures from last night:





The system has been very busy and continues to be so. It will be interesting to see at what point it starts to calm down.

It has been great to have a radio system in operation as the sky was pretty awful here last night. The Observatory where I work has a whole calendar of outreach events, including last night for the Geminids. Normally this would involve people meeting at the Dome to stand outside looking out for meteors. The event couldn't go ahead as normal this year due to Covid restrictions and would have been cancelled anyway due to the cloud, but thanks to the new system we were able to meet in a Zoom session, with over 30 participants enjoying the live feed from the radio meteor detector, watching the waterfall for pings and listening to the ssssshhssshhhhsssweeoooooshsshsssshhhsssweoossshhhssssweeeoooooshhhssssssss audio! 

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