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Walking on the Moon

Internationl SpeedSter - 23 Jan

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I checked on HA, and the ISS is back... I couldn't resist.

Watching the track, I knew it would pass near Venus. So...


Then I aimed for including the Pleaides in this shot, the ISS passed within a few degrees, got the damned framing wrong.... :?


Then as it passed onwards and through Gemini, the three stars bottom picture to right of the track are the foot. I think you can just make out M35 right next to the track. There's a surprise guest too, Cosmos 2237 Rocket. Looking again, it looks like a second, unlisted on HA, surprise guest just crossing the track where it begins on the shot.


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No they're great images John, just spoiled by that bright white line across them. Is your chip scratched?

What's that? you say that is the streak of reflected light caused by something 80 miles away travelling at 17,000 miles an hour?


Seriously, I wish I had the knack of being able to work out where in the sky the thign would come from. I have only once managed to really capture it, and that was by accident before I had my telescope, mind you, I also got that comet that got brighter suddenly last year, whatever it was called.

Thanks for posting!

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