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Lacerta 508N OctoPlus 2" Focuser for Skywatcher Telescopes

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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone is interested, but i just did a video review of the Lacerta 508N OctoPlus 2 focuser, which is designed for 8"/10" Skywatcher Newtonians, which i'll be fitting to my Skywatcher Quattro 10" when it arrives.

I've been looking for a solid focuser replacement for the stock Skywatcher one that doesn't cost crazy money like the FeatherTouch focuser, but is equally well built and smooth and I stumbled across the Lacerta focuser. Looking on the net, there wasn't much information about it or many reviews, so i wanted to do a quick review to share my thoughts on the focuser and hopefully it might be of interest and useful to other.

Information about the focuser

  • Weight - 995g
  • Draw Tube travel - 20mm
  • Drawtube - Has 4 reinforcing bars & 8 bearings to keep it perfectly centered with minimal flex. 
  • Drawtube  - Has a self centering / locking adapter built in.
  • Drawtube - threaded to allow direct connection of coma correctors
  • Designed specifically for 55-56mm back focus coma correctors.
  • Base plate is direct replacement for skywatcher one - i.e. no drilling
  • Height wise - Focuser sits around 75mm above your tube

Lacerta 508N OctoPlus 2" Focuser Review    (   <---- Youtube Video Review)





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Not really in the market for a focuser right now but it does look quite nice. I’m wondering though if a self centring type clamp is such a good idea on the draw tube as it centres whatever it’s clamping away from the draw tube wall- how stable is that? Is it really rigid? I’d have thought  thumb screws can force the clamped item over against a wall to make it a more solid coupling?

I like your videos btw :)


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Hi Mark,

I'll be posting an update once it's fitted if my quattro ever arrives.  In the meantime, i might nip to the shed and put a 2" eye piece in the drawtube and see how well it holds it. 



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I just tried a heavy 2" Barlow in the draw tube and i can tell you it is a very snug fit and the self centering adapter works flawlessly and seems rock solid with absolutely zero flop. i know i haven't attached it to the scope yet - but i am very impressed with what i have seen so far.




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