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  1. Hi all, I'm going through the process of trying to decide between 2 newt and one of them is the 10" Skywatcher Quattro. As with any cheaper scope, you invariably always need to change the stock focuser. Queue the Baader steeltrack diamond, which appers to be highly rated for its performance, yet it strikes me as odd that Baader don't do an adapter base plates for common scopes so it's a clean fit and doesn't require drilling. Does anyone know if anyone supplies custom adapters to fit the steeltracks without needing to drill. Not interested in a moonlite as I used to have a CR1 and it was utter garbage. Cheers Rich.
  2. I wonder why there has been so little take up on these focusers ? That said I've seen a few unfavourable post about the electronics on their products being a bit unstable, as well as their customer service not being so hot. Sounds a bit like early days of ASA.
  3. Nigel do you just use a dew shield or do you have a heater on the secondary.
  4. Hi all, I looking to buy a newt for imaging and probably going to get a SW 10" Quattro. So naturally I will immediately replace the stock focuser. Looking at focuser option, I saw a very neat focuser with a built in motor by PrimaLuce called The Estatto. This looked like an excellent option and cheaper than buying a focuser and a separate motor unit whilst looking very neat. Looking on the web I ant find any Reviews anywhere, so I wondered if anyone on here is using one or is there a reason nobody is using them ? Also looking at the focuser it states that it only has 15mm of inward travel, which didn't seem very much. Rich.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know the required size of a secondary mirror in a newtonian to fully illuminate a Kaf8300 sensor, or know of a way to calculate this ? Many Thanks, Rich
  6. Tha is lenscap, I missed the specification button when I looked. Holy Crap - 102mm on the 12" Quattro, that's crazy big. That sucker will attract a lot of dew. I'm guessing it's too support a full frame camera. For me, I just want a secondary to fully illuminate my Qsi683 (Kaf8300) chip. Obviously the quattro 12s will, but also looking at possibly getting a Orion Optics VX10 or VX12 and they have much smaller secondary mirrors Rich.
  7. Hi All, Does anyone know the secondary mirror sizes on the Quattro 10s & 12s models. Cheers, Rich.
  8. Lens cap, is this based on standard aluminium or a Aluminium Alloys ? as i imagine telescope tubes will use an Aluminium alloy of some sort.
  9. I do have an QSI 683 with built in oag, so have no concerns with differential flex of camera's. It's literally just the tube flexing around the focuses under load that i'm worried about.
  10. Hi All, I'm looking at 2 scopes a SW Quattro 10" and a OrionOptics VX10 as a new imaging scope. I'm leaning towards the VX10, but have concerns about the aluminium tube flexing. Are aluminium tubes just as strong as Steel tubes ? which is stronger Aluminium or Steel ? Cheers, Rich.
  11. I use the Gigabyte Brix no problem running Windows 10 for my setup. Never had any bother with it, and it runs SGP with camera, focuser and shed roof control, as well as Cartes-Du-Ceil and PHD2 guiding with my lodestar. Neat & tidy setup that just seems to work. Mine is set in the bios to automatically turn on when the shed power is switched on remotely. I give it 2 mins 2 fully start up and then just rdp onto it from my laptop in the house and set my job away. I can then just check in on the progress using rdp from my ipad. Simples.....
  12. Thanks David, I've seen Kayrons tutorials but a lot of stuff is out of date from 2015, and some from 2018 but wasn't sure how many of the techniques have been updated for 2019. I'll take a look at Barry Wilsons tutorials and give them a whir and see how i get on. Cheers, Rich.
  13. Hi All, I've been away from imaging for quite a while and i've pretty much forgotten 90% of the processing techniques. I can see there are a lot of older primers, and i know Pixinsight Techniques / processes change on a regular basis with new tools. So wondered if anyone can recommend a up to date PixInsight primer. Cheers, Rich
  14. I'm holding out for a VX10 as I would prefer the F4.8 and the smaller tube of the 10". Will just wait until one comes up
  15. Yeah the focuser does look like the SW crawford focuser. So i would probably replace with the Baader SteelTrack Diamond.
  16. Hi Iain, Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to figure out if I need to replace the focuser for imaging or if I can get away with the stock one and save a bit of money as the price sharp creeps up when you add all the extras. £819 for scope + £115 for 1/10pv upgrade + £220 for a coma corrector, + £50 for secondary dew heater + £240 for Baader focuser + £35 for focuser base plate + £319 for cats eye collimation kit. So the scope suddenly doubles from £819 to over £1600
  17. Hi Al, Thanks very much, your honest feedback of the scope will be very much appreciated. Out of interest, how long did it take them to build yours ? Cheers, Rich.
  18. Hey Scarp, I'm in Newcastle myself, well outskirts of shiremoor. Which area you from ? Anyway, with regards to the stock focuser, have you tried it with imaging or are you purely visual. How does yours hold focus during a session ? Cheers, Rich.
  19. Sods-law there is someone selling a vx12 on astro buy&sell who lives in my town, but 12" is just too big. 10" is the sweet spot for me.
  20. The guy selling the VX10 is asking for just short of £700 despite him saying the tube is not in best condition. I think I'll pass on that then, despite it apparently having an upgraded focuser.
  21. Joe if you can find someone who will sell me both scopes for £1500 I'll snap their hands off.
  22. My only concern about buying the VX10 would be the customer service if I had a problem with the scope.
  23. Read a few more recent views and looks like the more recent reviews of newer models of the VX10 seem to have better build quality and QC, so think this with the 1/10pv optics could make a good all round scope.
  24. Interested in an Orion Optics VX10 with 1/10pv optics and wanted to get feedback on the build quality and quality of optics from a newer model, I.e. last 2 years, Specifically interested in the quality of the focuser and the primary mirror cell and how it hold collimation. Cheers, Rich.
  25. Ahh back to the drawing board. Maybe if I extend my budget, the TS 130mm triplet for €1899 euros (£1640) might be one option or a 10" newt of some description. Looking at newts the Orion optics 10" VX comes in at £819 and the Skywatcher 10" Quattro is £549 and when I phoned OrionOptics today to ask what the extra £270 gets me over the Quattro, the guy was quite Arsey with me stating that " it's just better". Not helpful at all. So their customer service still appears to be poor. So by the time I spend about £270 on a baader steel track diamond focuser & base plate, £50 on a secondary heater, £230 on a com corrector and £319 on the cats eye collimation kit I'm not far off the cost of the 130mm triplet. Vx 10" (£819 + £270 + £230 + £319 + £50)= £1688 Quattro 10" (£549 + £270 + £230 + £319 + £50) = £1418 Who would think spending money could be so difficult, and no lulu you cant have it for leather goods
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