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Ebay - Astronomical observatory with 3 metre dome


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Funny thing is we built an extention and conservatory about 12 months ago as well as a new garden shed, I run 4 core armoured to the shed so it's future proofed incase I ever get an observatory.

Always thinking ahead I am.

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If i had the space i would have it in an instant!

Perhaps someone of the BAA or SPA might be able to find it a nice home. Seems sacrilidge to trash a decent build like that. Thats an astronomers dream a setup like that.

I know Lukeboy might be interested, but how would he transport it!

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This is a doable project, and I can't understand why nobody has gone for it. It is not such a large dome, and surely would fit edge on inside a Transit van.

Did it say anywhere what it was made of. Fibreglass, or aluminium, or something else?

I think the guys main aim, is to have it out of the way, and the price would not be a large

ask I don't think. A bit younger, and I would be halfway

to Mansfield by now. :laughing2:


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Its plywood skinned with fibreglass, there's no way you'd get that in a trannie, its a flatbed jobbie for sure.

I'm pretty sure realistically only the dome and ring would be salvageable the rest is timber which wouldn't be easy to dismantle without damage.

Still a dome is a dome :)

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