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Copernicus and The Wall (Rupes Recta)


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My god John the detail is pretty darn good, i notice your at f13.6 on Copernicus, what is your actual focal length ? I take it this is a resize, what kind of resize is it John, and how did you do it ? The jpeg version is showing a little grain that could be completely removed using image analyzers frequency domain filter. if you have never used it plz email me and ill explain how, its easy, and really the best noise reduction ive seen ( though sometimes it doesnt work ) however on your jpeg version here, i just tried, and its worked well. could you send me a BIT MAP of the image to show you what i mean. though i am wondering if your original doesnt show this noise as jpeg often is the culprit. the avi must have been lovely to take this kind of resize. apart from the grain i couldnt tell you had. untill i looked at the f number, I dont have a copernicus this nice yet. though i live in hope

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Thanks Neil et al for kind comments, SPX350 has fl of 1585 and x3 with CUltima + extension. The image was of very good quality and I find a resize of 1024pixels by ratio using 8bit Irfanview at the press of button just makes it bigger and more comfortable to view but I can only do this when quality is good.

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