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Polaris Integrated Flux Nebula

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This is a small area of integrated flux nebula (IFN) near to Polaris. I just love the jellyfish like structure, it makes me think of some strange sea creature swimming through the depths of a dark ocean.
Taken over several nights during our first clear spell of the year here in the UK.  15.6 hours with RASA 8 and ZWO 1600MM and Baadar LRGB filters
AstroBin: https://www.astrobin.com/brxgyw/




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1 minute ago, Adreneline said:

I really like that - very edifying. How extensive is this region of IFN? Are regions of IFN catalogued/mapped anywhere?

Thanks for sharing - very inspiring.



Thanks Adrian. Polaris is surrounded by IFN - try search Astrobin and you'll get various widefield images showing how extensive it is. 

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