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Cone and Fox Fur Nebulae and NGC2264 the Christmas Tree Cluster

Laurin Dave

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Captured over the last three weeks through my Esprit150/SX46 and Esprit100/ASI1600 on a Mesu 200 the Cone and Fox Fur Nebulae and the Christmas Tree Cluster NGC2264 in Monoceros.    Three hours each RGB and 17hours of Ha, processed in APP, Pixinsight and Photoshop.  My last nebula of the season I expect.. on to the galaxies..

Thanks for looking





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1 hour ago, carastro said:

Really beautiful.  This has inspired me to go back and reprocess my image which was too pink.


Thanks Carole..  it was your image of this that got me started🙂.. I found that the unless used sparingly the Ha overwhelmed the reflection nebula and the dust.. and that a hefty stretch and noise reduction of the RGB was needed 


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