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Samsung scb2000 power options?

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I got some crimp terminals and crimped them onto the wires, then screwed them on.

Will try and get a photo of mine and stick it up here. If it helps?






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The rest of the wiring is the mains transformer to step the voltage down to 12v. 

I have used them outside but have an extension lead inside a box to keep the damp off and my sockets are all RCD protected. But you could run them straight off a 12v battery with a suitable bit of wiring. 

I used a couple of ring terminals but you could use the open "fork" type ones I guess. 

Hope this helps. 

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11 minutes ago, Kirby301 said:

Ah, I hate electronics! Can I use a regular phone charger plug, was thinking of cutting the adaptor off and adding the terminals? I have loads knocking around!

I doubt it. The output voltage and current from the phone charger will most likely not be correct. 

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2 hours ago, Kirby301 said:

Ok I wont try that.

I've just read the pdf manual for the scb2000 and found the plug I think I need. Does this seem right? I will still have to chop the end and fit crimp connectors.


Do you already have the mains plug and transformer I have shown in my photo? 

If so, I don't see the point in buying the thing you have shown. 

Do you have a battery? A small leisure battery (12v) with some wire, crimp terminals etc may be a better option? 

If using mains outside, you do need to be careful. Especially when it's damp as it seems to be permanently at the moment. Whatever socket or extension lead you would plug into should be RCD protected, I would also perhaps suggest some sort of weather proof enclosure for it. 

It may end up cheaper and safer to get a battery and charger. ?

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Thanks for your help so far, I really appreciate it.

I don't have any way to power the camera yet. 

It's an ebay purchase which was just for the camera.

I don't have a leisure battery, although it might be something I will look into in the future.

I have a spare socket on the outside socket I have next to my pond. I also have enough waterproof cable to make an extension lead with.

I would like to test the camera first though before I start buying the more expensive items.


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same site sells a lead that'd connect to the PSU with bare wire ends that you can attach to the camera, ideally by adding ring terminals. If you're planning on getting a goto mount that'll also use 12v then you might be better to get a higher output PSU than can be dual purposed using a Y-splitter to run the mount and the camera.

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You can also wire up a female power


Used these for years on the Samsung scb. 

Would get a decent power supply or even better a jump pack,, a lot of the cheap power adapters causes phase lines in your capture. 

Would recommend removing the factory fit i/r filter,, you can buy an astronomy grade one to replace it but I found I preferred to use it without. 

Fan mod is also good as it can take camera to ambient temp and helps with dropping frames


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Another good addition to the the scb is the utc,,, ( up the coaxial controller) 

Allows you to control the menu from a remote,, brilliant bit of kit for the price,, saves you shaking the scope while changing integration times ect



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