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  1. Fantastic results for David and Robert.
  2. Software wise you could look at backyard nikon and astrotoaster
  3. The skywatcher evostar ed80 is a very good option
  4. That's the the thing with our side of the hobby anything goes and no wrongs just opinions,, if it's what you like,, how can it be wrong
  5. I would be no 6 if I got my act together lol,, night vision is fantastic and came a long way,, von,, has done a fair bit to promote it on astronomy forums,, I think it will grow like the way video astronomy evolved,, slowly. I have the cascade tube and had it working, but wanted it as a unit to go on a dslr,, 3d printed parts,, but found I needed a focus assembly to get focus on different objects,,,, maybe get back into it,,, it's true video astronomy
  6. Getting hung up on equipment mate,, and stuck in an astrophotography mind set,, Gear I have is varied,,and I use it all depending on what I want to see,, Mounts,, heq5 pro,, eq3 Pro, azgti,, star adventurer,, allview,,, Telescopes,, Skywatcher explorer 200pds, evostar ed80, esprit ed80 Cameras,, canon 600d, canon 450d modded,, zwo asi178 mc,, qhy5lii colour, watec 902H. Software.. Backyard eos,, sharpcap Pro, asi studio,, astrotoaster It's about what you want to do with it,, unlike astrophotographers who may use a dslr and watch a blank screen for five minutes,, we watch live views or near live views when we stack our images,, it's all about techniques and every one of us have our own technique to capture what we like best,,, Some may be into planetary,, so a telescope with a high f number,, Deep sky,, now this can come down to using using existing equipment and using focal reducers to make the scope faster and give a bigger fov. The evostar ed80 is a great scope and with its 0.85 focal reducer / flatner is ideal,, lot of us like small fast wide field set ups But if you can go to a nice big celestron with hyperstar,, then you have a large aperture and super fast scope.... Some of us just use the equipment for live viewing and don't even capture images,,,
  7. Lol,, think video astronomy,, this is where it stemmed from,, and some of still regard it as that,,, but we're not dinosaurs we move with the times and technology,, EEVA,, what is it,, it's a very easy going part of astronomy,, combining most elements,, visual EEVA, to view the dark skies using a camera and monitor in live or near live time,, It's also short exposure live imaging,, whether you stack it or not,, How long is too long and would it then be classified as astrophotography,,, thing is,, who cares,, it's a hobby,, can I use my astrophotography kit,, of course you can,, most of us probably have pretty much similar equipment,, Think of video astronomy as easy going, no rules,, no pressure in doing thing's by the book,,,,,, it got ripped up and burnt years ago,, One thing,, that doesn't change,,, no one scope does it all
  8. I've always went with the motto,, everything goes in video astronomy,, if it works for you,, go ahead and do it,
  9. What about a mini guide scope,, orion mini for example
  10. I don't get your meaning,,, twin scopes,, would require double saddle or stacked scopes,, a second dovetail fitted to the top of first scopes mount rings.. Is usually the way to go,
  11. Hot water r bottle,, get some heat into it,, and try what tried previously
  12. It is heavier, but can be split down to move,, it's not a grab and go mount but for stability it certainly is better, I fitted the skywatcher WiFi dongle in place of the handset and it works perfectly,, in my opinion 100 times better than using the handset,, going from house to garden should not be a problem. Certainly hold any of the scopes you mentioned with ease,, I used mihe years before I moved on to the heq5,,
  13. Recently used the az gti with wedge and azgti cable to laptop,, the tripod as you will know is the weak link,, just didn't give me any confidence,, I swapped it for a neewer video tripod,, was a lot more sturdier,, I've tried my skywatcher evostar ed80 and skywatcher esprit ed80 on this configuration and I just don't have the confidence in it, to be honest,,, This was to be my grab n go style portable kit,, was stable enough for dslr and lens,, I've decided my skywatcher eq3 Pro is my better option,, stability wise haven't a problem putting any of my scopes on,, I found that in practice,, some things are no way as close to how it should have been in theory,,
  14. Like stash,, I'm old school with what I do,, but I embrace any tech that will advance video astronomy,, I did say I was old school.. I don't guide,, and I don't stack either these day's,, but did stack using byeos and astrotoaster,, fantastic way to it. Myself,, I've came a long way and found that live view is what I like,, looking at live/near live images on the laptop,, I have always been a fan of lunar images and continue to do so,, but I'm looking at narrow band video astronomy this year,, how will it pan out,, no idea,, but the great thing about video astronomy is we can find out very quickly if it doesn't work due to our short exposures, Video astronomy has progressed a long way since I got into it back in 2011, the folk who know me are aware of how passionate I am in promoting it,, but I move with the times and not stuck in the analogue years, as stash says,, equipment wise,, astrophotography and video astronomy use much the same kit now and it's down to what technique is used,, me I do it my way,, and it's a hobby we do it to relax ( ha ha) and be happy,, do what makes you feel happy doing it,, We've always been shepards and not sheep,, we're round pegs in square holes. Davy
  15. Better to be a shepard than a sheep not be laughing if I get you up here playing with the band at Stirling Castle
  16. Seen the start on the video,, your piping was bang on,,
  17. I started in 2011,, my partner was diagnosed with cancer,, bit of a body blow to anyone who has a loved one who has it,, I played in a pipe band and quit to be with her,, but she new I could not just sit around watching her all the time,,, she would have throttled me. I thought what can I do,, and astronomy came in to the picture,, I thought wouldn't it be good if you could get a computer one,,, lol,,, somebody beat me to it,, was totally new at this . I bought an etx 80 and after finding Sgl and cloudy nights,, I learned more, bought piles of books and e books,, finally got a webcam and was blown Away with what could be achieved,, I got aperture fever and wanted to try astrophotography,, so ended up with an eq3 Pro and a Canon 400d, but weather and clouds are bad in my area,, and I then looked at video astronomy,, got a Samsung scb2000, modded it and been doing video astronomy ever since,, mainly do live/near live viewing,, I like looking at the moon,, nice way to relax.. But I like annoying old stash as well about raspberry pi
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