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Some Moon Close ups


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The high cloud & poor sseing tonight made any observing a bit hit & miss.

The moon is one target that can get you a reasonable image based in these conditions.

Here are 4 close up of the Moons North East side. I tries to get progressively closer in.







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Thanks guys

Here are 4 more I tool at the same time.

Gassendi (my favourite crater)


2 widefield using my 18mm ortho & 25mm plossl came with the scope (and has been droped on concrete)

I hope to get out again a bit later and a few more







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Ian , all darn good images mate , you are coming on very well , nice detail , smooth images , and its so nice as Caz said to see someone out there grabbing some quality stuff , i did have alook and like you said , its a kind of mist high up , but guess its fine for the moon , and prob ok for Saturn as well ,

great stuff Ian keep them coming


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Great stuff Ian, I think the high cloud might be responceable for the smoothness of the images A but like a photographer would use a filter to make a models skin look softer, although I'm likely to be talking a loud of rubbish so I will shut up now :lol::)


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Really nice lunar images Ian I am starting to feel guilty about not going out and having a crack at it myself now if this is the kind of quality that can be got from these conditions I must try harder

THanks for your efforts mate

I must try harder

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