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Hmmm.... Shall I or Shant I ......

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I think building the case with heat sink and fan is Ok for me, but doing the rest as in stripping camera down and renewing sensor etc is way beyond me.

But knowing you Billy you will go for it and make it work.

Good luck all my digits are crossed :laughing2:

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Just been checking people have been using the 350D down to 0F (about -18C) with exterenal power apparently gives up after a few shots at -50C but recovers when it thaws out...

I'm already using Industrial spec CF which has extended operating temp range...

Looks like I am going to be scrounging from my mate again... hmm laser cut ally box....better get going on the cad....

Might give this a go... think i might add some dessicant to the case as well ...

I think I am going to end up with a 1000D as well as I think some targets look better with an unmodded cam and it would be nice to get back to a double dslr imaging setup with a seperate guide scope...

Looks like this is could be the crimbo project this year...


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Looks the business. A portable 12V lightweight overspec'd camera fridge. :D

Just what every imager wants! I would love to just mod my 400D but I dont have the guts to do it myself or the inclination to pay anyone else to do it.


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Looks like a cracking idea Billy. I'd forget the dessicant as all the moisture will be condensed out on the cooler, not the camera. As the cooler is the coldest bit, that's where the wet will happen. It might be worth fitting a drain plus have the cooler at the bottom where the drips won't land on the camera.

Looks a "cool" idea though!

Kaptain klevtsov

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