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Trying to control a Virtuoso Sky watcher Mount using Matlab without the Synscan controller

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I've made a serial connection with my pc and my Virtuoso and i'm trying to send commands to my mount via Matlab without passing trough a Synscan controller but I'm not sure if it is do-able. I found the communication protocol of the Synscan (attached). Can I use it to send the same commands on a serial port directly connected to my mount ?


SkyWatcher instruction user Manual SynScan Serial Communication Protocol.pdf

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    • By Astrofriend
      I have used my Star Adventurer for a while now and is very satisfaid with it. But it could be improved and I have installed an angled viewfinder to the polar telescope, rebuilt the wedge, etc.
      But there is also the tripod, the one I have now is stable but very big, nothing that I could take with me when traveling. All photagraphy tripods I have looked at that is maximum 0.5 meter long folded look a bit weak or are very expensive. Now I have bought an used Manfrotto model 144, very stable but too long folded. This weekend I cut off the legs to make it shorter. I don't need very high tripod now when using the angled viewfinder.
      Here is my tripod project:
    • By Antoine1997
      This is my very first time working with a telescope and i'm having trouble connecting my mount to my pc (It seems very easy for you guys, shame on me).
      I've followed a lot of threads which helped me a lot on this forum but it still won't work.
      This is what I've done:
      -I've build a cable RJ12/USB with a USB/TTL chip connecting the Rx to the Tx, the Tx to the Rx and the GND to the GND. (with the adpated  driver which works fine)
      -I've installed the Driver "AzGoto by Armazem Do Telescopio"
      -I've installed the ASCOM plateform
      -I've installed StellariumScope, Stellarium and Skychart
      -In both softwares I chose the Driver AZ GOTO, fill in my latitude and longitude and the appropriate port COM
      But when I try to connect my telescope, I have to wait over 5 minutes until an error pops up with 'BasicApi.MountControlException"
      Do you guys have any idea what's going on ?
      Again, these are my first steps into Astronomy.
      Thanks you very much.
    • By Astrofriend
      My EQ6 mount is old now. Very stiff RA and DEC axis, it's time to dismantle it and see how bad the inside is.
      I followed the Astro Baby guide and it was not any big problem to dismantle it. It looks fine inside, I suspect some earlier owner already have done this cleaning and put new grease on. But that must be years ago.
      When I now have dismantled everything, shall I rebuilt it and install timing belt drives? I feel it's a little to much money to put on this old mount. I have to think about it and see what alternatives there are.
      Here is my EQ6 dismantling story:
      Only first part, now I'm drawing plans.
    • By Joshua Fulker
      Hey, I've been looking for a mount for my 8 inch skywatcher reflector for a while now and can't decide what mount to buy. The requirements i am looking for are the following:
      Goto system or synscan 
      10+ kg weight capacity 
      My budget is around £500. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good mounts or point me into the right direction. 
      My goal is to get better at astrophotography, my previous mount was a dobson mount ( which came with the scope ) but does not have any features to track objects which doesn't help when doing astrophotography. Tnanks
    • By Anne S
      I have an EQ6 Mount for sale. Belt drive fitted by Graham Holmes around 4 years ago. Serviced and bearings replaced just over 2 years ago by Alan Buckman of AWRTech.
      This is an early eq6 which originally had an undimmable polarscope. I fitted a dimmer knob not long after I had the mount. A replacement motor control board was fitted in 2012 following the failure of the original board. The hand control has never been updated so is on version 3.12. A warning comes up about the firmware. I've contacted Skywatcher for advice as the handset update programme needs updating before the latest firmware can be installed. I've not used the handset as I control the mount through EQmod.
      The Mount has a Geoptik dual saddle plate and upgraded altitude and azimuth adjusters.
      Included in the sale:
      original tripod
      3 standard counterweights and 1 3.5kg counterweight.
      2 Eqmod connectors, both made by Hitech Astro.
      Polemaster adapter for the mount
      Power supply
      Downloaded instructions for eq6 and synscan together with some Eqmod downloads and handset update instructions.
      Update: I've been informed that this is an early v3 handset and thus has a limit as to how far it can be updated. To update it I suspect you need to obtain earlier update files from Skywatcher. The other option is to use the wireless method and the Synscan app on your phone for controlling the mount. I have tested the mount this morning with the handset and it works fine. See last image of handset pointing at Mercury.
      The Mount has lived in a Pulsar Observatory ever since I bought it and has been used for deep sky imaging. 
      I am asking £600 for the mount. Collection would be preferred as, although I have a box for the mount head I don't really want to ship all those counterweights! I would be able to travel a reasonable distance to meet up. The deep sky image was taken over 3 nights with 20 minute narrowband subs at the end of February.

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