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Yes it shouldn't be a problem, finding might be a problem if you haven't got a GoTo that you can enter coordinates into but if you start at Regulus and scan slowly east moving down a bit you should come across it, don't use a lot of magnification and look out for a fuzzy green / blue blob.


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Here is a chart. It shows date+time and magnitude for the comet. The dots are 12 hours apart.

This is not a bright comet. Stellarium thinks it will be dimmer than magnitude 10.

When the chart says 2 am, it will be 1 am for you.



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URL Spaceweather had nice video image this morning taken from Austria


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In any event, you don't want to miss it, as it will not return to our neighbourhood until the year 3390.  It is what is known as a long-period comet.

When I observed the comet Wirtenan recently, it took about thirty minutes or so before I noticed its movement against the stars in the background surrounding the comet.  It comes around about every 5½ years however, and is a short-period comet.

Comets are utterly fascinating, and reputedly originate within the Oort Cloud located just outside our solar-system.

I do hope you get to see it.

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1 hour ago, Anthony1979 said:

What will be the best time to look

After the moon has set and Leo is a bit higher. Ideally after midnight therefore - see my report under Observing

Good luck Anthony 

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