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I saw the grc in jupiter!?!


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I've managed to see it with my 102mm refractor this year so it should be very possible with 127mm of aperture.

It was Great but not red to my eyes - very, very pale salmon pink perhaps.

Well done :)


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I saw it (as did Starflyer's missus who was observing with me and I later verified the transit timing via the web) in a Megrez 72, but it was in Majorca, so it was much higher than in the UK); so I'd say yes, it would have been possible in a 127 Mak.

Cheers, Martin

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I'm not a Jovian expert by any means, but you're right Ron.. the GRS is inside of the RSH. I rarely use filters on Jupiter, so when the GRS is pale the easiest way for me to locate the area with my 8"SCT is to look for a 'break' in the SEB. When I find the large light oval known as the RSH, I know the GRS is inside of it.

When I first got into all this about 10 years ago the GRS was definitely darker, but with time it paled to a light salmon color and became quite difficult to see.

Can't recall which filter was used, but I was definitely able to pick out the GRS from the RSH on 18 June, 2008 (38° altitude) while watching a triple event.. the GRS transit, Io's shadow transit, and the re-emergence of Ganymede from occultation. Tried to locate Io skipping across the Jovian disc too, but couldn't.

Anyway, maybe someone who routinely uses filters when observing Jupiter can clue us in on which one would be best to view the actual GRS when it's pale or when Jupiter's low like has been. As far as I'm concerned though, if you've located the RSH, you've also bagged the GRS. :D

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