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Can I jump in into astronomy or theoretical physics if i study Chemistry in university?:/


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Research on Stellar atmospheres and composition, spectrography,  planetary atmospheres and surface mineralogy, exo-biology....... and there is probably a lot more.

Think about choosing more physics or applied options in 2nd and 3rd years....


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Hey :)

Yes there is a fair amount of crossover of sciences when it comes to astronomy. I studied Astrophysics at university and had modules covering chemistry and biology as well. Having Chemists or Biologists involved with astro research is great and is crucial with projects such as SETI. My main project involved looking at chemical compositions of stars in clusters using spectral data, and I admit I struggled with parts because I don't have a big chemistry background.

As Craney said, there is a lot of chemistry involved with looking at atmospheres, nebulae, interstellar gases etc so having a good look at the available modules will be good, and speak to the tutors about what you want to do in the future, they will know exactly what is covered and always great people to talk to :).

Best of luck with your studies, I want to get back into the research now :D.


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I did a Joint degree in Physics and Chemistry. I found that rather fun! I sense my alma mater 
has discontinued this? But there are now NEW combination and (option-richer) courses?!? ?

TBH (notably back then) I sense I might have found "straight Physics" course a tad boring. lol
In retrospect, I sometimes wish I HAD become a "Chemist" (greater aptitude / enthusiasm!)
But a bit of Physics and Maths can make stuff like "Quantum Chemistry" a bit of a cinch...  ?

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There's undoubtedly a need for chemists within physics related fields which, as others have alluded to, might be your best bit. 


Having studied physics at uni myself and lived with a couple of chemistry students I can forsee the level of maths being an issue as that studied in chemistry is far below the standard studied in physics. Maths and programming skills will be the prerequisites for any theoretical physics.

Just make sure you keep your maths in tip top shpae in your own time unless module choices enable you to do so otherwise.

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