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Setting up an equatorial mount celestron avx: movie

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Btw, punaise = pushpin or thumbtack ?

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On 25/08/2018 at 08:50, wimvb said:


Btw, punaise = pushpin or thumbtack ?

Ha, thanks! Apologies for using french a word :-). 

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    • By avodcap7
      Hi, I've been out for a few night now with my HEQ-5 Pro skywatcher mount. The problem is, when polar aligning, Polaris is clearly out of focus. How do I focus the polarscope?
    • By avodcap7
      So I had this problem where if I put my finder scope on my OTA, and the finder scope is around 135 degrees from the mounting part of the scope. This made my DEC axis always stay leveled but never stay in any position I put it in (if I turned my RA axis to the balancing position, then the DEC axis to balancing position and moved the DEC axis anywhere, it would go back to horizontal or balancing position).
      Any help would be nice
    • By R1k
      Hi guys, new to SG lounge and new to the hobby. I have just bought my first EQ Mount (Used 2018 model HEQ5 pro, belt modded). 
      I hate to be the newbie to ask questions about polar alignment, but I have what I hope to be a relatively simple question to answer, yet have had no luck with the search bar.
      When my mount is in the home position (counterweight bar down) and tripod north my polar scope reticle is orientated as per the attached photograph (photo 1). When I was reading prior to getting the mount I had simply assumed that the reticle would be oriented with 0 being directly at the top and 6 at the bottom when in home position. As this is not the case, my question regards what I do during the process of polar alignment.
      Do I rotate the R.A. so that 0 is at the top and 6 is at the bottom and then place Polaris in the relevant position as per my iOS polar alignment app (photo 2) or do I need to somehow rotate the reticle within the polar scope such that the reticle is orientated vertically in the home position?
      Are the date and time dials on the mount itself obsolete now that we have the privilege of apps that do the work for us?
      Apologies if this is a basic question that has been covered before. 

    • By Gorr_77
      Thanks everyone...
      from £2.700  down to  £2.500..
      Let me know you thoughts: 

      The only one like that  Italian Red with clear alum bits Avalon M-Zero, with StarGo with Bluetooth to go with SkySafari
      Link to wideacreen-centre: www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/avalon-m-zero-fast-reverse-mount.html
      Zero backslash, no jiggles, no maintenance at all, no grease or liquids. Full set of thin shield SFX bearings.
      Really looked after...
      The previous owner used only for visual - it was stored in his living room
      Include with this mount some extra adds:
      - StarGo with BlueTooth 
      - 300mm vixen William optics Vien dovetail (usual fastening scratches)
      - Avalon X-Guider with GP Dovetail Clamp and Flat Base,
      - Baader charger,
      - USB to laptop cable
      - T-Pod 90 Tripod
      - Polar scope with Avalon designated bracket,
      - Polmaster Avalon adaptor,
      - 2  Avalon counterweights,
      - upgrade to knobs and bolts,
      - Avalon carry bags
      Delivery cost and method to be agreed.
      Paypal transfer.
      More pictures on request.

      You can add the StarGo controller underside of one of the arms : see this picture:

    • By Roger Corbett
      I have a Meade LX85 6" Mak. The OTA weighs about 13lbs without accessories. I'm getting the hang of the GEM mount, but I find it a hassle to get right and miss the ease and speed of the Alt-Az GoTo I had with my previous 5" Mak. I'm primarily a lunar observer and have no real interest as yet in astrophotography. In consequence, I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive GoTo Alt-Az mount (and legs) to carry the Mak. I will be keeping the GEM. 
      Advice much appreciated. 
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