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How Would You Attach A Red Dot Finder Scope To Binoculars?

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Do you know, I've never even considered sticking a finder  onto a pair of binoculars, cant see the point?

During the day you simply look at what you want to see with your eyes, then hold your binoculars to your eyes, simple!

Admittedly, things are not so easy to see at night time, so a finder may help some folk find a certain target, but tonight I'm looking around with my 15x70's (mounted) and hand  holding my iPhone over the focuser wheel with the SkyView  app running, and what a difference it's making to my observation!

Why have I not thought/considered this before when using my binoculars? Yeah!, I've stuck the phone to the scope before, but wasn't too impressed with the setup, but over my binoculars,  what a difference its making, so thanks to this thread,  I've stumbled across a feature that is going to be more than useful.

Just now, my phone is warning me of impending shutdown unless I recharge,  so the  EC Technology Power Bank I purchased after one of my Trips to London will now come into play, sat in the back pocket, powering the phone. I'm sure this power pack is going to get a lot more use than its used too!!

This setup is not to  dissimilar to having a finder scope, only much more informative for my need, so good on you Dude! 

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Typical? In the short time it took to write that piece and go for one! before nipping back out, there's wall to wall cloud cover?

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Two cable holder clips (without nail)+ Adjustable Rail 20mm Picatinny/Weaver Barrel Mount Rail+ Small red dot sight. And that is it.
It even fits to original case.



Kiinni2 (Large).jpg

Kiikarit_00001 (Large).jpg

Laukussa22 (Large).jpg

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If You have binoculars with center pole, just add small adjustable barrel mount Picatinny/Weaver rail to center pole. You may need some plastic clips or slit tube and shorten screws. It’s easy, 120% foolproof and robust installation.
After that you don’t have to remove Picatinny/Weaver rail never (fits to binoculars original case), but You can add whatever laser or sight goes to rail.


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