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  1. ginandtonic

    Celestron Motor Focuser SCT

    The advantage of the Celestron focuser over the Pegasus is that it connects directly to the shaft and does not pull the focus shaft to the side like with other systems. I am using the adapted Skywtacher focuser (see pic below) but will likely change to the Celestron focuser when available in Europe.
  2. I've lived in the UK (mainly London), Southern France, Southern Spain, Canary Islands and Morocco. Although I'm sure there are good dark places in all the above locations of you look hard enough, my two favourites have been Provence, (east of Avignon, for example: https://www.sunstarfrance.com, as you pointed out there are many other good spots in this area) and Morocco, for really dark skies...(atlas - Essaouira area). Southern Spain (andalucia) is generally very light polluted, difficult to find a really dark zone.
  3. ginandtonic

    Do I need the Baader Cloth?

  4. ginandtonic

    Alternative to Baader magic fluid?

    Recommended by starizona: https://youtu.be/loRrpM2MIdk
  5. I am a little financially challenged at the moment (skint). Thank you Nosky3 for the "Ford Fiesta brake disk as an AVX pier adapter" idea ..!! With my narrow balcony I had to improvise...not much room for a tripod... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/625804-late-model-car-brake-rotor-for-celestron-avx-pier-adaptor/ Testing my pier setup in southern Spain (Tarifa). Yes, it's Bortle 7-8, I can only see 3 or 4 stars . Also I can only look due East because of obstacles... Thank you Starsense User Auto Align and polar align! Can't wait for the Xmas hols, and drive south to Morocco, me mate has a beach house 30kms north of Essaouira, Bortle 1-2 on the roof terrace! Europe light pollution map: Morocco stars (not my picture)
  6. ginandtonic

    Binocular observing set-up

    Well, another option, this tripod is also available for only 2300 euros...!. (Binos NOT included) http://www.10micron.eu/en/product/bm100-leonardo/
  7. I was inspired by Clearwater Dave's $30 (30 dollars) setup: Much kinder on the lower cervical vertebrae !! (compared with my previous tall tripod setup)
  8. ginandtonic

    Favourite eea camera?

    I've been trying to order stuff from Altair Astro for over a week.... They seem to have gone AWOL. No answer to various emails or their website contact form...
  9. I have been trying to order various bits from Altair Astro. I have sent several messages from their website contact form + various emails. No joy. Does anyone know if they are still trading?
  10. ginandtonic


    high res picture doesn't load...
  11. ginandtonic

    Better value night vision

    One question: why don't you guys use a PVS-7 "biocular" , aren't two eyes better than one?
  12. ginandtonic

    Better value night vision

    Thanks Gavstar. Yes. I am in Europe. I saw your pics of the Barnard's loop, very impressive. Any other accessories (lenses, etc) you recommend from TNVC apart from the adaptor? Does the adaptor fit on the Harder digital gen 3 without modifications?
  13. ginandtonic

    Better value night vision

    Also, does the TNVC adapter screw straight onto the front of the PVS-14 without any modification? I seem to have read on some forum that some people had problems fitting the adapter.
  14. ginandtonic

    Better value night vision

    Right, Ok... I am thinking of getting the PVS-14 PHOTONIS 4G ECHO+ ~2000FOM WHITE PHOSPHOR AUTOGATED http://nighttec.net/produkt/pvs-14-photonis-4g-echo-2000fom-white-phosphor-autogated-sale-copy/ Is this the one that you have? There's no indication of the resolution in the description. It's just that I saw a video on youtube with amazing sharpness (supposedly 81 lp/mm). Although I'm not sure such resolution is necessary for astronomical use... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW4rpxuFYgE&list=WL&index=10&t=0s

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