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A Night Of Cygnus Doubles + Jupiter

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All set up to go with the sole aim of getting some Saturn images!

To start off it was Jupes again to get some imaging done... The GRS superbly placed and looking Redder than a lidl tomato (subliminal advertising)

After capturing some film it was time to properly align using Polaris and that wonderful on ya knees polar scope method!!! Boom!! three calibration stars and 'GoTo' whatever you wish for!

Cygnus time - Check sheets and then give up and go and fetch Sissy Haas bible... 


20 lovely doubles, not rushed just enjoyed and studied hard... working with my Starwave f/11 102 and for those difficult ones a 6.5 Meade HD and even with the 2.5 Revelation Barlow gave interesting views... 200x the recommended max mag on that Starwave, I squeezed more than that out of her. 

The stars looked round and colourful the companions sometimes hard to spot... But there's a great deal of satisfaction when you see them close by. 

I made some star symbol notes in the book when a true double of beauty made me smile, my top few were: 

Σ 2668  Superb

26 Gyg  lovely

17 Cyg  

19 Cyg  Bright Red

Ψ Cyg 

Σ 2687  Sharp

49 Cyg  Faint

48 Cyg  Wide

H IV 113  Spot on (why did I write that?)

61 Cyg  Nice

Also - Σ 2760, 59 Cyg, 52 Cyg, O Σ 410, Σ 2705, Σ 2588, S 726, Σ 2578, 16 Cyg, δ Cyg

So that's my haul for the night... By the time I had finished those it was 01:30 and cloud had covered what was left of Saturn. The great thing about that session was that I didn't have those long whiney scope movements around the sky, it was all within the constellation. I expect my neighbours with open windows were also grateful. 

Love that 102 f/11 Starwave scope.... A lot of the comments in Sissy Haas recommend a 150mm for some of the hits I made with my 102 so I'm happy... to get the colour is special as well... Not sure my alignment was that great because after entering RA & Dec the doubles were not always centered which resulted in me having to move towards the nearest double looking star a lot of the times.

Didn't get -19 Cyg or T Cyg although I tried... 


Oh and on editing my images I notice I bagged both Europa and Io.... shame Jupiter disappeared behind next doors roof before the shadow made a transit! I've had to lighten one image to show the moons so beware you professionals 🙂




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Great report and Jupiter image.... 

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I was planning on doing Cygnus doubles last night but had problems with the mount was only able to see β Cygni, 17 Cygni and δ Cygni this was before the mount decided it did not want to point where I told it.🤬

Some great doubles there I will be copying some of those thanks for sharing.

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5 hours ago, wookie1965 said:

Get yourself one of these I dont have to get on my knees now to Polar align brilliant.

Thanks for that Wookie, I did research these a while ago but never ended up taking the plunge.... As I've got much better at alignment, and actually re centered my polar scope not so long ago, I do quite like the effort of 'using the cushion' as I call it to align... I've not got the greatest of knees but whilst I'm still able I'll persevere for now 🙂

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