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My Jupiter from central Poland


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The night of September 16, 2023 was also the first light from SCT C11 XLT, a different telescope requiring a new approach, different requirements, new problems.

A much more demanding telescope than the SCT C8.  Not every frame turned out sharp.

Barlow 2x, UV/IR Cut filter, ZWO ASI 585MC, 60s videos, 25% of about 1800 frames, I chose some of the sharpest frames.

16 Sep 2023, 3:23 CEST (1:23 UT):


16 Sep 2023, 4:28 CEST (2:28 UT):


16 Sep 2023, 5:33 CEST (3:33 UT):


Animation of 38 frames, each 25% of 2-3k frames from September 16, 2023, 3:16 - 5:59 CEST:

Below are processed photos from next night (September 17, 2023).
The same equipment was used.

17 Sep 2023, 2:13 CEST (0:13 UT):


17 Sep 2023, 3:16 CEST (1:16 UT):


17 Sep 2023, 5:12 CEST (3:12 UT):


Animation from 2:12 - 5:44 CEST covering 3.5 hours of Jupiter's rotation, 60 frames, each 25% of 2-3k frames:

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