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A 5 planet night..

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There was a distinct will it, won't it to the forecast today but as I've not been out in ages thanks to a bust work and the birth of number 2, i set up the starwave about half 8 and let her cool till about 10ish..

As evening encroached, a bit of venus by eye over the neighbouring roof tops.

Jupiter was showing by 21:30 and what a lovely sight at 112x in a 10mm SLV, two main bands, lots of subtle shading towards the poles and the unmistakable GRS slowly  meandering across the disk, in moments of calm there was hints of structure leaping from the NE too.. never tire of a good look at jupiter.. 

About 00:30 I turned to Saturn, a bit of a first as I've only ever had the quickest of a glimpse, through twilight, trees, chimney plumes and the like.. so I had no real baseline for the frac and SLV.  Not that I was disappointed at all, reasonable image scale, beautiful gold colouring and the rings.. well you could watch for hours.. which I have.  As time went by and she rose a bit higher and seeing became less turbulent triton   (I think) became apparent as did the the Cassini division, as well as an "equatorial shading", not sure what that was, shadow from the rings or surface feature.. nice to see some subtle contrast..

Then mars was over the hedge, again mars is a first time for me.. what a stunning red colour, will have to Google the names but very evident the dark mare and polar cap.. 

Unfortunately I'm chasing mist patches now in the valley so no sign of anything..

The fifth planet was obviously earth.. and as I'm supposed to be on the early feed for the 8 week old, I'm expecting it to fall apart tomorrow due to lack of sleep.. got a meal with the in-laws to snooze through too..

Cracking night!



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I seem to forget about earth a lot when looking at the stars.


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Early!!! Way too early... but William wants his milky!

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Nice one Fozzie, sounds like you had a great session

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