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Gemini G53F


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Finally, the new mount came home from Italy, after a long wait .....

The requirements were,  mount should have a loading capacity for larger scopes, equipped with encoders, etc.


The final options were Fornax 52, Mesu-Mount 200 and Gemini G53F, which was chosen.
For some reason I did not get any contact/offer from Mesu ?

The price range all of them were of the same + - 6.5 K €.

Gemini  promised a load capacity of 43kg and the workmanship is surely good , so the promises are not just empty words.

("Periodic error guaranteed to be 4 arc seconds or less, Peak-to-Peak.")

The tripod is a friction drive model, so there are no worm gears at all.

The price for the package was € 6300 (Tripod / Losmandy rail, Pulsar2 / Hand controller, counterbalance rod, counterweights, QHY polemaster/adapter and all cables).

I did not know mount will be delivered with QHY polemaster! maybe it was a giveaway?......


Some pics of the mount:

Gemini G53F 2017 model






USB out-12VDC in - Pulsar2 connections



12VDC out - USB in connections




Losmandy Saddle



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That looks like a fantastic mount. We don't hear much about the G53F, which usually means the owners do not have any problems (since people only ask for advice when there is something wrong).
I hope you have a great experience with this and I look forward to reading more from you about the results you get.

Please post more and show us some of the images you take with this.

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Looks a great mount and very similar to the Mesu, what was the main decision choosing this over the Mesu, aside from no contact from the Mesu camp?

Also what is the Pulsar control system like to use. I have read the SiTech2 can take some getting used to coming from EQMOD.

Lovely in Italian red though!!! :headbang:


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